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Open University Malaysia Achievements Posted: 04 December 2009; Category: Achievement

Research Activities

The following research that have been commenced effective 2008 are on-going.

    1. Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Online Forum
    2. Alternative Models of Blended Learning for Learning of Mathematics
    3. An International Comparative Study on Distance Education Between Malaysia and Kuwait
    4. The Relationship Between Perceived Service Quality, Academic Achievement and Job Performances: A Case Study of Open University Malaysia Alumni
    5. Perceived Service Quality and Employee Satisfaction: Are They Significantly Linked
    6. The Impact of Responsiveness and Accessibility on Service Performance at OUM

    As an open and distance learning (ODL) institution, OUM shoulders a huge responsibility in enhancing its online learning system consistently to make learning less stressful to its learners who are predominantly working people. To address this matter, the University puts much emphasise on research in the relevant areas.