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Olympia College Achievements Posted: 08 December 2009; Category: Achievement

Institution’s Achievements & Activities in Research

The graduate school has undertaken a lot of supervision for MBA students and the supervisors have co-authored the publications along with the student.

The research area includes Marketing, Human resource Development, Finance, Production and Operations, IT and Knowledge Management.

MBA students when they do their Consultancy projects, Both Local and International consultancy projects, they have a great deal of exposure to the industry. Most of the foreign students who study MBA full time get a good chance of working in Malaysia if they do well in their consultancy projects.

Significant Research Currently Undertaking

Students who have completed their modules are expected to do their CONSULTANCY PROJECTS and DISSERTATIONS as a part of their MBA. Some of the researches currently undertaken include:
a. A Comparative Study on the service quality of SUNWAY MEDICAL CENTER with MAYO CLINIC
b. A study of Students perception on services marketing mix in a private college.