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Sunway University College (SyUC) Achievements Posted: 08 December 2009; Category: Achievement

Institution's Achievements & Activities in Research

Sunway University College (SyUC) considers that research aims to resolve fundamental issues and specific problems arising from the political, socio-economic and cultural environment. There is a place for basic research undertaken primarily to acquire new knowledge and applied research which develops or test existing knowledge. and is primarily directed towards either specific practical objectives or towards the evaluation of policies and practices. Both types of research will complement each other and thrive best when individual initiatives or group collaboration is encouraged within a framework of institutional strategic planning.

A source of support for research and research training in SyUC is the internal budgetary process. In 2009, an allocation of RM 1 million has been allocated to support University College-wide initiatives include postgraduate scholarships and research and development grants.

External funding constitutes a principal source for research and research training. Sources of external funding are government grants, international organization and agency sponsorships, and private sector collaborations.

Below are examples of research projects in SyUC which are externally funded.

- Reliable media broadcasting system utilizing ALM technology for mobile transport. Jointly with Asia Media Sdn Bhd, Jay Tech Software Sdn Bhd and Sunway-Lancaster. The project is funded by Multimedia Development Corporation.

  • National child mental health stigma by the Psychology Department. 'This project is funded by the Ministry of Health.
  • Expectation gap of the roles of internal auditors. This project is in colIaboration with Universiti Sains Malaysia and funded by Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia.

Significant Research Currently Undertaking

The Psychology Department. School of Health and Natural Sciences conducts collaborative research projects with the Ministry of Health on the stigma of the mental health of children, the Ministry of youth and Sports on a dropout survey of young people and Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOST!) on the Malaysian astronaut programme.

The School of Computer Technology is working on open source solution for small-medium enterprises and mobile and network systems for telecommunication services.

The School of Business and Law is studying the neural network systems in benchmarking customer satisfaction and services quality in Malaysian commercial and Islamic banks and the project is sponsored by MOST!.

The School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management conducts research projects on international visitors' perception of Malaysia as an Asian tourist destination and also impact of low-cost carrier to Malaysia's inbound tourism with the Ministry of Tourism and Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Commercialisation of Research

Given that the University College is in the process of building up its capabilities and capacity for research, commercialization of its intellectual property is at an early stage of development. Where commercialization is feasible, SyUC is keen to maximize the uptake of its research in.