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Offered By: Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya

Given the gaps in information and knowledge both within and between countries, especially between Asia and Europe, this programme will promote local and global sharing of new information and communication technologies much needed in the 21st century. The impact of the New Economy on organizational structures, management, and development processes requires a strong grounding in economics of information and organizational systems that promote information sharing. This Postgraduate programme is designed to offer breadth of content, intellectual depth, and rigour complemented with attention to a wide range of applications and case studies. It will be of relevance to business managers as well as those concerned with organizational development, internet, and new media training, e-ecommerce, also research analysts and others.

This International Masters programme runs for 10 months, full-time, commencing in September.

Aims And Objectives
The increasing globalisation of business, the expansion of information technology (IT) and competition for markets has meant that participation in the business word required expertise of the knowledge economy (k-economy). Skills that have been identified for the new economy transcend many disciplines such as computing, economics, and organizational studies. Popular subjects associated with the K-Economy include fields such as management, economics, and marketing.

This particular course is designed by AEI to develop this expertise by equipping students with specialist knowledge of the link between ICT, and K-Economy and the business environment in Asia and Europe. Such skills are invaluable to small-scale enterprises, multinational corporations, and policy makers in the region to ensure competitive edge and success in a global market.

The programme requires students to undertake a total of 13 academic courses, an internship and write a project paper, amounting to a total of 48 credits. The requirements are categorised in the following modules:

Programme Core Course

  • Information Management in the Digital and Global Economy (QXGA6101)
  • Business and Enterprise Modeling (QXGA6102)
  • Information Technology and the K-Economy (QXGA6103)
  • Electronic Marketing and the Global Distribution Network (QXGA6104)
  • E-Trade and Small-and- Medium Scale Enterprises (QXGA6105)
  • Social and Economic Dimensions of IT and the Digital Economy (QXGA6106)

AEI Core Courses

  • Political Economy of Asia-Europe Relations (QXGX6101)
  • Globalization and Regional Integration (QXGX6102)
  • Research Methods and Data Analysis for Social Scientists (QXGX6103)
  • Advanced Studies in Malaysian Politics, Goverment and Economics (QXGX6105)

Cross-Programme Courses
Two courses drawn from other International Masters programmes

UM Elective Course
One course drawn from a selection of courses offered by University Malaya

Internship (QXGA6170)
One-month duration

Project Paper (QXGA6180)
To be written under supervision

Target Students
This programme is designed for students for whom an MA will be a prelude to careers in fields related to business, international, regional, government and non-governmental organisations, or any career where advanced knowledge of ASEAN, regional integration and globalisation coupled with an advanced capacity to communicate effectively will be an advantage. It will appeal particularly to those with an interest in historical, culture, political and economic aspects of regional integration.