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Offered By: Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya

This International Masters programme in Small and Medium Enterprise IV Programmes Structure Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya is designed for students who wish to enhance the development of entrepreneurial skills and managerial capacity in order to ensure the viability and continuity of SMEs over time. The focus of the programme is to provide an understanding of the strength of both Asian and European social and economic contexts in which SMEs operate, as well as the methodologies, technicalities and tools that allow a better structured decisional process and a more conscious management of the business. The intercultural setting of the programme will also enhance the ability of prospective managers and government executives to strengthen economic cooperation between Europe and Asia.

Aims And Objectives
The course aims to critically assess the signifi cance of information management in organizations, and in the context of a changing global economy. On completion of this programme, students should have:

  • Acquired the methodologies and managerial tools created or adapted for SMEs reality and, through fi eld project, verifi ed the operational validity of those methodologies and tools.
  • Developed capabilities and aptitudes coherent with the organizational context of SMEs, less formal but more creative, fl exible and light.
  • Analysed the strengths and weaknesses of family business, the cultural and social context in which they operate and the economic relationships with other fi rms, and produced outputs of immediate use for the participants as well as for the targeted companies.
  • Developed key analytical, interpretative, practitioner, oral and written presentation skills.

The programme requires students to undertake a total of 13 academic courses, an internship and write a project paper, amounting to a total of 48 credits. The requirements are categorized in the following modules:

Programme Core Course

  • Financial and Accounting Tools for SMEs (QXGC6101)
  • Strategic Management for SMEs (QXGC6102)
  • Entrepreneurship Development (QXGC6103)
  • Marketing Strategies for SMEs (QXGC6104)
  • Human Resource Management (QXGC6106)
  • Business Networks and Clusters (QXGC6107)

AEI Core Courses

  • Political Economy of Asia-Europe Relations (QXGX6101)
  • Globalization and Regional Integration (QXGX6102)
  • Research Methods and Data Analysis for Social Scientists (QXGX6103)
  • Advanced Studies in Malaysian Politics, Government and Economics (QXGX6105)

Cross-Programme Courses
Two courses drawn from other International Masters programmes

UM Elective Course
One course drawn from a selection of courses offered by University Malaya

Internship (QXGA6170)
One-month duration

Project Paper (QXGA6180)
To be written under supervision

Target Students
This programme is designed for students for whom an MA will be prelude to careers in small-and medium-scale enterprises where they would have the opportunity to apply their specifi c needs of the business, and where the focus is increasingly on individuality and creativity.

Fee Structure
Fees are set at an economically realistic level. Once you are an AEI student, we expect you to have made adequate arrangements for your living costs and fees, with or without assistance, before arriving.