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Offered By: Universiti Industri Selangor (UNISEL)

The MBA in General Management, Logistics Management and Shipping Management offer the opportunity to obtain a specialist professional qualification to experienced managers as well as graduates of any discipline. These are qualifications which will be highly sought after at all levels of logistics planning and shipping management in both the public and private sectors.

The MBA offered by UGSM will train students to be remarkable professionals in technical strategic and management expertise required for policy development, management logistics and the shipping sector.

MBA In General Management
This programme aims to equip executives and managers with diverse management knowledge and skills necessary in the present competitive global business environment. It is anticipated that at the end of the programme managers would have acquired:

  • core competencies that will support their development as effective managers in a variety of settings
  • an overall understanding of management tools and the ability to apply sound judgement in decision-making and problem-solving
  • skills and creativity in applying modern management methods in a variety of organisational goals and objectives

Career Prospects
Managers and General Managers

MBA In Logistic Management
This programme is designed to equip executives and managers with the knowledge of logistic and management theory and practice. It is also aimed at providing an understanding of the relevance and applicability of logistics methodologies as related to business management. This course:

  • trains managers with the ability to develop comprehensive logistics strategies to support overall business objectives
  • addresses the changing and increasingly important role of logistics in business including managing logistics, logistics business and supply chain management

Career Prospects
Logistics Specialists and Logistics Managers

MBA In Shipping Management (A collaboration with “Institut Kelautan Malaysia – IKMAL”)
This course is tailored to provide the skills and knowledge needed to operate effectively in the shipping business sector which has the potential for rapid growth due to globalisation. It prepares executives and managers with the ability to:

  • understand the maritime concept and their applicability to shipping industry
  • apply appropriate knowledge and skills in managing shipping operations effectively
  • analyse competitive situations effectively, make decisions and develop strategic perspectives

Career Prospects
Shipping Managers and Shipping Specialists

New Mba Specialisations (in collaboration with selected industries)

  • KLIA Training & Research Center
    - MBA in Project Management
    - MBA in Facility Management
    - MBA in Occupational Safety & Health
  • Institut Latihan Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (ILPBT)
    - MBA in Local Government
  • The International Centre For Education In Islamic Finance (INCEIF)
    - MBA in Islamic Finance

MBA Core Courses
The following core courses are intended to develop better informed and more effective players in the business and management world.
• Corporate Finance
• Marketing Management
• Managerial Economics for Decision Making
• Human Resource Management
• Strategic Management
• Cost and Management Accounting
• E-Commerce and Information Technology
• Quantitative Methods for Business
• Project and Operations Management
• Research Methods and Communication.
• Entrepreneurship

MBA Electives (General Management)
• International Trade and Business
• Malaysian Business Law
• Quality and Change Management
• Managing Creativity and Innovation
• Management Information System.

MBA Electives (Logistics Management)
• Logistics Management
• Business Logistics
• Supply Chain Management
• Inventory Management
• Logistics Strategy

MBA Electives (Shipping Management)
• Maritime Economics
• Shipping Law and Marine Insurance
• Shipping Business
• Seminar in Maritime Issues
• Services Marketing and Trade

MBA Electives (Project Management)
• Introduction to Project Management
• Pre-Construction of Project Management
• Project Planning and Management Control
• Managing Quality, Safety and Environment in Project Management

MBA Electives (Facility Management)
• Introduction to Facility Management
• Space Planning and Management
• Operation and Maintenance of Facility Management
• Managerial Finance for Facility Management

MBA Electives (Occupational Safety and Health)
• Occupational Safety and Health
• Ergonomics: Occupational Health and Hygiene
• Occupational Safety and Health Legislations
• Hazards and Risk Management System

MBA Electives (Local Government)
• Community Governance and Integrity
• Malaysian Law for Local Authorities
• Financial Management for Public Authorities
• Managing Public Services: Implementation and Control

MBA Electives (Islamic Finance)
• Managing Islamic Financial Institutions
• Shariah Rules in Financial Transactions
• Reporting of Islamic Financial Transactions
• Islamic Financial Insititutions and Markets

Types Of Study: Taught Course
Duration Of Study
Full-time: 1½ years - 3 years
Part-time: 2 years - 5 years

Medium Of Instruction: English
Learning Approach
• Interactive action learning
• Syndicate group learning and discussions
• Real case studies and current business practices
• Real project-based learning
• Conventional lectures
• Individual/group presentations
• Role-play and simulation games

Entry Requirements

  • A first degree (Hons) from local/international university recognised by the Malaysian government OR a general degree with 3 years’ working experience OR professional qualifications equivalent to the first degree
  • Credit in English Language at SPM level or sat Band 3 MUET, TOEFL or IEL TS preferred.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ working experience
  • Fresh graduates with excellent CGPA (minimum 2nd class upper) will be considered

• Executive MBA boardroom
• Seminar rooms
• Lecture theatre
• Multipurpose hall
• Student lounge
• Computer lab
• Library
• A course pack is provided for each module taken

Types Of Assessment
• Real project-based paper
• Class assignments and presentations
• Written examination

MBA Structure

Core Courses (33 Credit Hours) Credit Hours
Managerial Economics for Decision Making (ECON) 3
Cost and Management Accounting (ACCT) 3
Marketing Management (MKTG) 3
Quantitative Methods for Business (OMB) 3
Human Resource Management (HRM) 3
Corporate Finance (CF) 3
Strategic Management (SM) 3
E-Commerce and Information Technology (EIT) 3
Entrepreneurship (ENT) 3
Project and Operations Management (POM) 3
Research Methods and Communication (RMC) 3
Total 33
Electives (Choose Only 4 Subjects) (12 Credits) Credit Hours
General Management (GM) Logistic Management (LM) Shipping Management (SM)
International Trade & Business (ITB) Logistics Management (LM) Maritime Economics (ME) 3
Malaysian Business Law (MBL) Business Logistics (BL) Shipping Law & Marine Insurance (SLM) 3
Quality & Change Management (QCM) Supply Chain Management (SCM) Shipping Business (SB) 3
Managing Creativity & Innovation (MCI) Inventory Management (IM) Seminar in Maritime Issues (SMI) 3
Management Information System (MIS) Logistics Strategy (LS) Service Marketing & Trade (SMT) 3
New Electives (Choose Only 4 Subjects) (12 Credits)
Project Management (PM) Facility Management (FM) Occupational Safety & Health (OSH)  
Introduction to Project Management Introduction to Facility Management Occupational, Safety & Health 3
Pre-Construction of Project Management Space Planning & Management Ergonomics: Occupational Health & Hygiene 3
Project Planning & Management Control Operation & Maintenance of Facility Management Occupational Safety & Health Legislations 3
Managing Quality, Safety & Environment in Project Management Introduction to Project Management Managerial Finance for Facility Management Introduction to Facility Management Hazards and Risk Management System 3
Total 12

Community Governance & Integrity Managing Islamic Financial Institutions 3
Malaysian Law for Local Authorities Reporting of Islamic Financial Transactions 3
Financial Management for Public Authorities Shariah Rules in Financial Transactions 3
Managing Public Services: Implementation & Control Islamic Financial Insititutions and Markets 3

Core courses 33
Elective courses 12
Total 45
*without dissertation