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Offered By: Universiti Industri Selangor (UNISEL)

UGSM also offers another master’s degree programme, namely, the Master of Management (MM) with specific concentration on business management, especially in the areas of Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship. This new programme has been developed for working adults, teaching and non-teaching professions who wish to enhance their research management skills as well as upgrade their academic and professional qualifications in the field of business management.

This programme has been designed with the following objectives:

  • to develop research management skills and knowledge in various areas of business management
  • to equip candidates with the following expertise:
    • an advanced ability in initiating and formulating viable research questions;
    • a capacity to design and develop a conceptual model using appropriate research theories and methods
    • a highly developed problem-solving abilities and fl exibility of approach
    • critically appraise the evidence from scientific literature, synthesize findings across studies, and draw appropriate inferences based on current knowledge
    • use appropriate quantitative and qualitative approaches to collect and analyse data.
  • To produce quality research management papers
  • To provide future career opportunities as an academician or researcher
  • To improve the quality of trained manpower in Malaysia as envisioned in vision 2020

Programme Structure
Candidates are required to submit the application from together with 2-3 pages of a simple proposal explaining the preferred area of research including an operational/conceptual framework and research planning on how to get the data.

Upon the approval of the submitted proposal, candidates will be issued with an offer letter from the university.

For the purpose of equipping candidates with the current knowledge and practices of research method, candidates are required to undergo a subject known as “Research Methods & Communication” during their first semester of candidature. Although there is no requirement of final examination for this subject, candidates are expected to have at least 80% attendance from the 42 hours of class meeting. Towards the end of the first semester, candidates are required to submit a thesis proposal of 4000 words in length excluding appendices.

Candidates will be evaluated progressively through the submission of research projects to the appointed supervisors from time to time. At the end of their final semester, candidates have to submit their thesis and present it in front of an examination panel through a session called ‘Viva Voce”.

Areas Of Concentration
The current MM programme focuses on the following:

• The Dynamics of Cultural Diversity in Business Management
• The Dynamics of the Franchising Industry
• Management of Sustainable Educational Industry
• Small and Medium Enterprises Development
• Information System in the Management Decision Making Process
• Quantitative Approach in Managing Business

• Marketing Requirements in the Service Industry
• Marketing Strategy of Manufactured Natural Products
• Retailing of Manufactured and Natural Products

• Development of Entrepreneurship amongst Rural Dwelling
• Entrepreneurship amongst Youth/Graduates
• Gauging a Region’s Entrepreneurial Potential
• The Entrepreneurs Development in the High Technology Industries
• Intrapreneurship Development among the Multinational Companies

Human Resource
• Human Capital Management in the Industrial Environment
• Human Resource Development
• Industrial Relations in a Diverse Workforce

Entry Requirements
Bachelor’s degree (Hons) from a local/international university recognised by the Malaysian Government OR

Bachelor’s degree from a local/international university recognised by the Malaysian Government with work experience OR

Other recognised professional qualifications approved by the University’s Senate which is equivalent to the bachelor’s degree.

Duration Of Study
Full-time: I year (2 Semesters)
Part-time: 2 years (4 semesters)

English is used as the standard medium of instruction.