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Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology)

Offered By: Open University Malaysia (OUM)

Programme Synopsis
This programme aims to:

  • Enhance research management skills in specifi c areas of Information Technology.
  • Improve analytical and conceptual skills in specifi c areas of Information Technology.
  • Foster research and development of new knowledge in specifi c areas of Information Technology.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree programme in Open University Malaysia (OUM) has been designed to produce cutting edge knowledge workers in information and communication technology and cater to the needs of industries, academic and research institutions. In particular, the objective of this programme is to produce high calibre researchers in critical areas of information and communication technology.

Programme Structure
Degree by Research (Structure I)

A doctoral degree programme can be completed within a minimum period of four years and a maximum period of eight years.

Learners who are not able to complete their studies within the stipulated maximum period under the doctoral degree programme
may apply for an extension of not more than three semesters or one academic year by making a written application to the Director for approval. The application must be made three months before the end of the duration of study.

Failure to complete a programme within the stipulated duration may result in the termination of candidature.