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Master of Instructional Design and Technology

Offered By: Open University Malaysia (OUM)

Programme Synopsis
The general objective of the programme is to develop students with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the key concepts, principles and theories of instructional design & technology (IDT) and the applications in current and future instructional situations.

The programme therefore aims at producing graduates with a strong grounding in the principles and practices of IDT. Specifically, the programme allows an individual to learn how to analyse, design, develop and evaluate applications of IDT across various instructional settings. This programme is thus useful to those who are seeking to expand a career as an instructional designer or to pursue an academic and corporate career in learning and training.

Programme Structure
Degree by Coursework (Structure III)

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree with honours in any field of study or its equivalent, OR
  • Bachelor’s degree with at least two years’ of work experience in a related field, AND
  • English proficiency equivalent to TOEFL = 550 points, AND
  • Knowledgeable in the use of a personal computer (PC or Macintosh) including the ability to do the following:
    • Locate, create, move, copy, delete, name, rename, and save files and folders on hard drives and on secondary storage devices such as fl oppy disks;
    • Use a word-processing programme that runs on a PC or Macintosh computer to create, edit, format, store, retrieve and print documents;
    • Use an electronic mail system to receive, create, edit, print, save, and send e-mail message with or without an attached file;
    • Use an Internet browser to search the World Wide Web; and
    • Use databases, spreadsheets and multimedia applications.

To be considered under Open Entry, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 35 years old on 1st of January (applied year) AND possess STPM (minimum 1 principle) OR a recognised diploma or
    equivalent, AND
  • Possess prior learning experience and / or knowledge relevant to the programme applied for
  • Not applicable for research-based master’s programmes.

A master’s degree programme can be completed within a minimum period of two years.

Learners who are not able to complete their studies within the stipulated maximum period under the doctoral degree programme
may apply for an extension of not more than three semesters or one academic year by making a written application to the Director for approval. The application must be made three months before the end of the duration of study.

Failure to complete a programme within the stipulated duration may result in the termination of candidature.