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Offered By: The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

The MSc in Chemical Engineering is a 12-month course consisting of 2 semesters of lectures, project work, continuous assessment and examinations, followed by an individual research project which occupies the final 4 months. The course has been designed to assist holders of relevant degrees in science and engineering to upgrade their academic qualifications and enhance their professional standing. The syllabus covers, among other topics, Process Synthesis and Design, Advanced Transport Processes, Advanced Process Control and Advanced Reaction Engineering.

Programme Structure
The programme is operated on a modular basis and consists of 2 semesters during which students follow a series of taught modules (120 credits), followed by a research project (60 credits):
• 12-month, full-time course
• Two semesters + research project.
• 60 credits in each semester with a further 60 credits earned by the project thesis.

Programme Modules

Prescribed Modules (worth 10 credits unless shown otherwise)
Students must choose 70 credits of modules from the list below, subject to 30 credits minimum at level D or 4. For an IChemE Matching Section, at least 40 credits must be chosen from those marked *. All students must complete research planning, which is a year-long module (20 credits).
Autumn SemesterSpring Semester
Module Level Module Level
Process Synthesis and Design* 4 Multiphase Systems* 4
Advanced Transport Processes* 4 Advanced Reaction Engineering* 4
Advanced Process Control* 4 Advanced Computational Methods* D
Water Treatment Engineering C Petroleum Production Engineering D
Air Pollution C Waste Minimisation 4
Computer Flowsheeting D Air Pollution 2 4
Environmental Assessment B Chemical Product Design 3
Free Choice** or Bridging Skills in Chemical Engineering*** D Free Choice**  
Research Planning (20 Credits) - Compulsory D
Project Modules
MSc Group Development Project (30 Credits) or MSc Group Design Project (30 Credits) - Alternative D
MSc Individual project (60 credits) carried out from June to September - Compulsory D

** Free Choice indicates that the student may take any 10-credit module offered in the University subject to timetables and approval by the Course Director.
*** Bridging Skills in Chemical Engineering is a tutorial-based module covering specific aspects of Chemical Engineering tailored to individual needs following discussions with the Course Director.

Admission Requirements
The course is offered to graduates holding good honours degrees, or equivalent, in a relevant engineering science or discipline.

English Language Requirements
Applicants whose first language is not English, and who do not have a degree from a UK institution or (equivalent), will be required to provide evidence of their competence in English. Either IELTS minimum score of 6.0, or TOEFL minimum score of 550.