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Offered By: Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR)

Mode of study: Conventional

This programme is designed and targeted at hard core managers who want a solid base in the management discipline. The UNITAR Master of Management programme applies an unconventional approach of postgraduate training in the management field.

Other than the conventional basics of management such as accounting, finance, marketing and human resources management, the programme places emphasis on the HOLISTIC perspectives in management by covering subjects ranging from economics, psychology, risk management, communication, ethics, organizational development and entrepreneurship. The main focus is on the perspective of knowledge integration in real life.

Other than the conventional management perspective of quantitative finance, management science and accounting which are based on the Intelligent Quotient (IQ), the programme also places a heavy emphasis on other quotients such as the Emotional (EQ) and the Spiritual (SQ) by focusing on the behavioral perspectives of organisational management.

The programme has been designed to give a more holistic approach in doing things the right way. It uses the entrepreneurial mind and some solid grounding in soft skills which may help you to master the art of fostering ‘relationships’ with fellow human beings.

Entry Requirements
Bachelor’s degree (honours) or equivalent from an institution of higher learning recognised by the Malaysian government or a professional body with 3 years’ of work experience at a supervisory level. International students must possess a minimum English Language proficiency before being allowed to register for Faculty courses: TOEFL score of 550 or IELTS band of 6 (The validity period for TOEFL and IELTS is two years from the date awarded).

Programme Structure
The programme is conducted in English and requires a total of 44 credit hours to graduate. The courses required are as follows:

Semester Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BEM 5013 Economics for Managers 3
BMM 5023 Organizational Psychology 3
BMM5013 Managing Organizations 3
Total 9
2 BMM6034 Functional Management 4
BQM 6014 Quantitative and Qualitative
Research Approaches in
Organizational Leadership
Total 8
3 BGM5023 Ethics in Management 3
BMM5044 Corporate Administration
and Risk Management
BMM5054 Valuation and Reporting in
Total 11
4 BMM 7103 Organizational Development
and Change
BTM 7503 Project Paper Part 1* 3
BMM 6323 Organizational Development
and Change
Total 9
5 BMM 7194 Organizational Leadership 4
BTM 7513 Project Paper Part 1* 3
Total 7

Students are given the option of either taking Project Paper 1 and 2 or two of the following elective courses:
• BMM 7283 - Entrepreneurship
• BMM 7143 - Human Resource Management
• BMM 7003 - Knowledge Management.

Duration of study
• 1 ½ years (Full-time)
• 3 years (Part-time)