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Offered By: Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR)

Entry Requirements
Master’s degree in IT or any relevant area, or equivalent qualification.

A doctorate degree in Information Technology is the highest academic qualification awarded for original contribution to the body of knowledge in Information Technology and its related disciplines. A doctorate student is expected to demonstrate his ability to develop ideas into thesis that can be rigorously tested and validated by academicians in the specialised area of research. The student will be equipped with research skills as well as given opportunities to interact with academicians and scholars in the related field. At the initial stage the doctorate student is expected to defend the thesis before he is accepted. A doctorate programme is expected to be completed between 2 to 7 years.

  • Duration of Study: 6-21 semesters
  • Number of credits: 48 research credits
  • Deadline for Application
    Candidates can apply anytime throughout the year. Candidates will be advised as to when to register

Research Credits
• Research Methodology
• Problem Identification
• Literature Review I
• Analysis I
• Analysis II
• Thesis Submission & Defense
• Literature Review II & Analysis III
• Prototyping I
• Prototyping II
• Prototyping III
• Evaluation and Validation
• Presentation & Publication of Research Findings
• Thesis Submission & Defense