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Kolej Astin (Astin College)

Kolej Astin (Astin College)

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Institution Profile


Astin Management College (AMC) or Kolej Pengurusan Astin (KPA) was established on 12 March 1997. The objective of KPA is to provide quality education through quantitative instructions and modern facilities. It also aims to provide an avenue for educating and guiding students to meet the needs and objectives of the nation and creating a well rounded new generation of high intellectuals who are respectful of moral values and societal norms.

Currently, KPA offers two programmes :

  • Bachelor of Management (Hons) in Finance, Marketing and Organisation Management, awarded by University Science Malaysia (USM)
  • Diploma in Management

Currently, AMC has 213 students and has produced more than 1200 graduates who will have either entered the workforce or continued their studies at an institution of higher education.

Democratisation of education and training opportunities that is sensitive, flexible and responsive to the needs of emerging in the process of industrialisation as well as to provide skilled manpower to the sectors of business.

An organisation in the field of education and training services that offers professional, vocational, technical and managerial development for each graduate to become a useful person who will be able to assist in the administration of the national economy.

Providing creative, innovative, proactive and productive talents as well as to promote technology education and training by using information and communication technology.

Facilities of AMC

There are many facilities available such as computer lab, library, lecture room, mosque, parking lot, photocopy services, hostel, etc. which are provided by KPA for its students.

Programme Offered

Diploma in Management

Academic Facilities & Resources

  • 2 computer labs, 7 lecture rooms and one lecture hall.
  • Teaching equipment :
    - Computer
    - Printer
    - White Board
    - Chair
    - Desk
    - Slide
    - Air Conditioning
    - Internet

Employability of Graduates

  • Currently, all of our internship students are engaged by various employers
  • 90% are offered permanent positions as permanent employees,
  • while the remaining 10% are not employed due to :
    - Extra workers are unnecessary
    - Students has rejected the offer
    - Students do not reach their expectations

However, the majority of our students are competent and have gained employment at multinational companies such as Dell, Intel and so on.

Student Support Services & Student Development Activities

  • We assist in accommodation for students which includes Sutramas Apartment and 3-storey houses at Tempua and Bayan.
  • There is financial aid available for eligible students such as those from PTPTN and MARA for all of our college students.
  • We provide counselling and organise several activities throughout the semester, e.g. visit to court, Proton industry, 8TV Company, and so on.
  • We also assist students in securing a place for their internship programme.


All of the programmes are recognised and accredited by MQA and JPA.

Key Personnel

Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Kasbi

Chief Executive Officer, Kolej Astin (Astin College)

In his many years at Astin Management College (AMC), Chief Executive Officer Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Kasbi has met thousands of graduates. Mr. Abdul Rahman obtained a Master of Science in Corporate Communication in 2001 and a Bachelor of Agribusiness, majoring in Management in 1996, and has served AMC for 11 years.

Mr. Abdul Rahman joined AMC in 2001 as a lecturer, working as a tutor in Universiti Putra Malaysia a year earlier. In recognition of his contribution, he was promoted to various positions in AMC before he was appointed Chief Executive Officer in January 2011. Under his leadership, AMC has made tremendous progress in creating more opportunities for many to pursue higher education in the management field.

Mr. Abdul Rahman thinks that an ideal graduate is an individual who has powerful intellectual capacity and the necessary skills to increase their marketability and be able to survive in the contemporary competitive job market. With his knowledge, experience and expertise, Mr. Abdul Rahman places strong values in building both the physical and mental character of graduates in order to shape them to be better people. Therefore, parallel to the job market needs and demands as well as to produce quality human and intellectual capital, AMC has been placing a lot of emphasis on effective interpersonal and soft skills especially in team orientation, communication skills, analytical and critical thinking, problem solving ability and adaptability to change in both curricula and campus activities.

Established in 1997, AMC places strong commitment in education achievement to mould well-rounded and qualified graduates employable by the public and private sectors.

In keeping to these beliefs and commitments, Mr. Abdul Rahman with the team at AMC continue to mold and train the young people to be adaptable, flexible and quick to learn, in order to be proficient team players with a fundamental fighting spirit to win and survive in the present job market.

Contact Details

Kolej Astin (Astin College)

No. 101-105 & 121, Jalan Kenari 23
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong

Type: Private College

Tel: 603-8076 4848, 016-606 2747
Fax: 603-8076 7878
Website: http://www.astin.edu.my
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