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The Yellow Pages for education info

The Sunday Star, Sunday, October 28, 2001

By Hariati Azizan

STUDY Malaysia Online has a new look. Gone is the old golden yellow background; in its place a spanking white background with a more serious blue branding.

The cosmetics notwithstanding, the new layout makes it more reader-friendly. Visitors now have an easier time searching for what they want without wasting too much time sifting through extra information.

Plus, the site has new features, such as the Advanced Course Research, to make prospective students’ research experience more palatable. The long awaited advanced search engine enables search by location of institution or by programme such as 3+0, twinning or distance learning programmes.

Another useful feature is My StudyMalaysia, which allows visitors to personalise their use of the education webpage. The customised search includes a personal log in and an Educart to store students’ selected course.

With the promise of an academic resource search engine in the pipeline, the site looks set to be the premier resource for education info.

The news section has also been improved, with up-to-date information from various relevant departments such as the Department of Private Education, banks and loan institutions (Edu-Financing) and the National Accreditation Board (LAN).

With the speed and extent of changes made to keep up with the needs of its “customers”, you would be forgiven for mistaking Study for a completely different website since you last logged on.

Study Malaysia Online is one of the most authoritative education directory websites in Malaysia. It provides a comprehensive resource of various higher educational institutions (private colleges, private universities, public universities and polytechnics) in the country and details such as the courses offered, education financing, updated news on the college, significant individuals in the education industry as well as other valuable information on study opportunities for local and foreign students.

The website allows prospective students an opportunity to explore the different institutions to find the one that matches their preferences and needs most.

The site is also a good place to start researching on courses, which often can be the toughest part of planning for studies. Study Malaysia Online will nudge you in the right direction with useful information about academic, college, and career options.

With its details on the background of educational providers in Malaysia, including a brief profile of the institution, its course outline, premise photo as well as a welcome message by the founder or CEO of the college, students will get a clearer picture of the institution than from a prospectus.

Also available are the contact details, college facilities and the course listing as well as basic information such as course fee, duration, and the awarding body.

For foreign students, the About Malaysia section of Study Malaysia Online provides an essential guide to studying and living in Malaysia. Information such as a basic profile of Malaysia, travel, culture, communication services, and medical services can get foreign students acquainted with the Malaysian environment and education system.

Finally, nothing beats the word of mouth for the real picture, something that the Forum section allows visitors to do –– hold discussions with those who have had some experience dealing with a particular college.

The 7th edition of Education Guide Malaysia is now available at RM33. The print version of the guide contains relevant facts and data on private higher educational institutions in Malaysia, the various programmes and courses offered, teaching and learning facilities and other student support services.

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Course Interest Test - Find out what course is right for you!