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The One Academy Spreads Idea Transformation into Advanced Designs

April 11, 2013 | Campus News

Catering to the growing demand of the interior design industry, The One Academy arranged for a sharing with an interior design & architecture expert, Neil McLaren, to elaborate on the importance of documenting creative ideas at the Professional Insightful Sharing Session (P.I.S.S) held to inspire The One Academy creative interior design students. McLaren, who is also master programme leader and senior lecturer of Teesside University, UK, spoke to the students on the fundamentals of utilizing ideas in their design work.

Based on the topic ‘Advanced Design Thinking’, this title was arranged for students to get a better understanding on the benefits of ideas and how it can help students when presenting their concepts. In this profound topic, McLaren covered few key points where The One Academy students learned how to document their ideas, nurture ideas and develop observational skills through ideas. According to McLaren, it is common for students to focus on producing the perfect end result, but students forget to nurture the process of ideas which is the progress.  To alter this perception, McLaren shared with The One Academy students some a couple of slideshow samples of a student’s work of transformational ideas, and how she incorporated various elements into her design work.

In one of the topics about nurturing ideas, McLaren showed how they can expand the usage of their sketchbook full of ideas. With the support of his slideshow samples, he said, “A student’s sketchbook is his/her progress. It is a part in you when you are not self-conscious about your ideas and these ideas is part of a designer’s process, and process equals to growth.”

McLaren added, “You can even present your final concept to your clients along with your sketchbook of ideas. Don’t worry about it being messy. This is because; your sketches can support your presentation on where your concept is originated from.”

He also included another tip on how being observant helps with idea nurturing; McLaren suggested that students should not limit their knowledge development through internet research or during classes; he encouraged them to travel or visit places to observe their surroundings for fresh ideas. This out-of-the-classroom learning experience allows students to express their selves through creative discoveries beyond boundaries.

Lastly, McLaren ended the sharing with a final advice to The One Academy’s interior design students (inclusive of graduating batch of students too). “Try AND learn something new every day,” emphasized McLaren.  He added that design thinking is not only about the concept, but what your clients wants, which is sharing with them how much you know about their company and products based on your transformational ideas.

The One Academy students receives another Masters Train Masters learning experience; with this inspiring sharing session from a professional designer’s perspective, The One Academy interior design students gained an intriguing creative point of view on how to utilize ideas as a platform for creative growth.

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