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Visuals: A communication dynamite

August 12, 2013 | Campus News

Visuals are more than just decorative elements of a message. If utilized skilfully, they can be a communication dynamite that conveys more effectively to people the message of a publication or presentation.

“The apt saying that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ has been accepted as truth in our culture because a visual has the ability to quickly convey so much meaning with very little or even  no explanation at all,” said Dr Muhizam Mustafa, a senior lecturer in communication graphics at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

“Visuals play a pivotal role in a world where communicating is no longer confined to audio-verbal transmission, and where it’s imperative to disseminate the essence of a message quickly in a coherent and potent manner,” he stressed.

Dr Muhizam was speaking on ‘Close Encounter of the Other Kind - Encoding and De-coding Target Messages’ to DISTED College students recently.

He said a strategic alignment of visuals to the intended message could enhance communication effectiveness.

“Impactful communication requires a visual message strategy which consists of a positioning statement and support points,” he remarked.

Diploma in Creative Multimedia Production student Thinakkaaran Thamilchelvam said of the insights he gained from the talk: “As most people suffer from information overload, a good visual message is needed to grab their attention.”

“Although we cannot dispense with the written word in communication, nothing beats a captivating illustration or data visualization that helps the audience to grasp the big picture and how they can relate to it,” he added.

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