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INTI Hosts CIMA Roundtable Addressing Gen Y Graduate Qualities and Employability

October 3, 2013 | Campus News

As part of INTI’s efforts to prepare students for the working environment, six panelists from leading multinational corporations were invited to share their insights at a forum on Skills & Talent: Impact on Companies and Gen Y at INTI International College Subang. The CIMA-organised event availed valuable advice on the dos and don’ts of pursuing a successful career to over 300 students from INTI and UiTM.

Moderated by Dr Noel Tagoe, Executive Director of CIMA Education, who oversees the formulation and implementation of CIMA's research strategy, the development of CIMA's qualifications and related assessment, the forum featured representatives of KPMG, FGVH, Shell, Michael Page and Oracle Corp Malaysia. The central theme was Gen Y’s need of soft skills including having the right attitude at the workplace and strong communication skills. The panelists shared examples of unprepared graduates, who lack proper skills, attending interview sessions to their detriment.

The panelists further divulged how dependency on technology has affected the way many young people communicate today. The convenience of text messaging, for instance, has lowered the standards of speech and communication among those who use it excessively. This has led to poor engagement skills among the younger generation, which, according to the panelists, is one of the root causes of low employability among many Gen Y graduates.

Sound advice on how graduates can proactively take measures to find the right company and job was also provided by the panelists. Steve Parkes, Director of Michael Page, shared how he made a career for himself by networking with people from his social circle, clubs and even connecting with friends of friends.

“Put yourself in situations where you need to interact so you can make things happen. Unfortunately, not everyone has a career or an opportunity fall on their doorstep. They’ve got to seek it out. The more situations you put yourself in, the more opportunities will be presented to you,” advised Parkes on how graduates can start to build networks to gain opportunities.

Foo Ai Lin, Global Billing Manager for Shell, advised students to step out of their comfort zones and build up their confidence to network with people.

“To gain a network you need to connect. And to connect means you need a meaningful connection with someone else; you share something with that someone else, you give before you start taking. So, make that network but connect with people. Make it meaningful and remember how you can differentiate yourself by giving to that somebody that you’re connecting with,” advised Foo.

Holistically, the forum provided in-depth understanding on the industry’s take and opinion of Gen Y graduates. The audience was able to gauge the demand for quality graduates and measures that can be taken to meet employer expectations.

At INTI, students are provided numerous opportunities for individual development that stem from INTI’s Enrollment to Employment initiatives. Meaningful collaborations with top industry leaders mean that INTI students are groomed to develop their soft skills, enhance their communication skills, and build self-confidence by networking and engaging directly with industry leaders.

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