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Pounding the Pavement in INTI’s Fight against Cancer

June 24, 2014 | Campus News
Streets in Subang Jaya recently took a pounding when more than 500 runners took part in a 7-kilometre run organised by students of INTI International College Subang to raise funds for National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM). 

Aside from generating awareness of cancer among the participants, including methods of prevention and early detection, the event raised over RM10,000 for the charity body which is financed entirely by voluntary contributions from the public.

“This is not the first time we’ve worked with INTI. The students here frequently support us and I find that really encouraging. They constantly champion the rights of people living with cancer and have always extended a helping hand. I am really glad that over 500 young people have come together to help make a real difference,” said Dr Saunthari Somasundaram, President of NCSM.

“Ten years ago, you would not have seen this sort of youth involvement in issues pertaining to cancer,” said Vijaya Sundary, Project Executive of NCSM. “But now, students are very enthusiastic and eager to support charity. It’s amazing that INTI’s students have managed to put together this event within one month. It’s a compliment to their organising skills.”

A joint effort by INTI’s Chinese Cultural Society and University of Hertfordshire Club, INTI R.A.C.E. also saw the participation of international students. Marie Lorans, 23, from France was one of the first runners to reach the finishing line.

“I am happy to have taken part in the race. It’s not often that you see young people in my country coming together to do something for charity, especially for cancer, so I was really surprised to see students here doing so much for charity,” she said.

“The act of giving is and will always be one of the noblest acts in life. We wanted to do something that will benefit a large number of people and we used this as a medium to reach out to the public,” said Loh Wai Ken, Project Manager of INTI R.A.C.E. 

The first three to complete the run were Daniel Lai Yew Jun, Khiirren Rreddy A/L Sreeramamurthy and Hong Chee Wai in the male category, and Loh Chooi Shawn,
Marie Lorans and Ng Zxai Ching in the female category.

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