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3 Times the Success - Asia Pacific University (APU) Engineering Teams Made Malaysians Proud in Singapore

August 16, 2019 | Campus News

Members of the winning teams from the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) with their mentors and the Deputy Vice Chancellor cum Chief Innovation Officer of APU, Prof. Dr. Ir. Vinesh Thiruchelvam (first from left) on the stage of the Engineering Innovation Challenge (EIC) 2019, Singapore.

Kuala Lumpur, 16 August 2019: 3 student teams from the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)’s School of Engineering emerged as the only 3 Malaysian university teams to walk away with prizes at the Energy Innovation Challenge (EIC) 2019, Singapore.

The teams were also the only Malaysian representatives at the event that was organized by the Institute of Engineers, Singapore (IES).

All 3 teams comprised students who were currently under the Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering programmes.

The 5th Installation of the EIC was held in conjunction with the National Engineers Day (NED) of Singapore, an initiative by the IES to celebrate the contribution of engineers towards the country, as well as to open the eyes and minds of the younger generation to the endless possibilities in engineering.

At the EIC, teams were required to design and build a prototype of a portable and sensitive ionizing radiation detector that is capable of detecting background radiations. Under the mentorship of their lecturers, the teams recorded excellent performance and walked away with Merit Prizes, which encompass a cash prize of SGD1,000 and a prototype fund of SGD500 per team.

The APU teams that achieved success at the EIC 2019, Singapore are listed as follow:

Team 1: A Low-Cost IoT Based Background Radiation Monitoring System
Project Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lai Nai Shyan
Team Member: Darren Chin Vui Ket & Thea Sze Sien

Team 2: Low-Cost and Portable Ionizing Radiation Detector
Project Advisor: Dr. Freddy Tan Kheng Suan
Team Members: Mohamed Mafaz Mohamed Ahsan, Lim Eng Wei & Akshey Kumar Magenthiran

Team 3: RadioAppTive - background radiation detector
Project Advisor: Dr. Lau Chee Yong
Team Members: Low Yong Zhi, Pong Wei Xiang & Chin Yoong Fung

Deputy Vice Chancellor cum Chief Innovation Officer of APU, Prof. Dr. Ir. Vinesh Thiruchelvam accompanied the teams to Singapore for the Challenge. “The starting point of all achievements was desire and this is what was noticeable in our student teams whom we are so proud of for achieving their goals and making APU proud. Their success is the testimony of our outstanding students’ quality; we congratulate them and wish them all their best in embracing future challenges.”

“I feel very honoured to represent the university and the country at the competition, and I’m glad that we achieved something, the trip to Singapore was definitely an eye opener to the outside world”, expressed Low Yong Zhi, a member of Team 3, who worked on the “RadioAppTive – background radiation detector” project.

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