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TAR UC Provides Support to Students During MCO

March 23, 2020 | Campus News

During this period of Movement Control Order (‘MCO’), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (‘TAR UC’) is taking the necessary steps to ensure students’ welfare are well taken care of.

About 140 students are currently residing in TAR UC’s hostel in Kuala Lumpur Main Campus and they will be provided free meals starting tomorrow (24 March 2020) until 31 March 2020. The free meals will be distributed in pre-packed form to students in the hostel and this includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. As for Kuala Lumpur Main Campus students who are residing off-campus accommodation, TAR UC’s Student Representative Council (‘SRC’) will be getting in touch with these students to assist them in any way possible with the support from TAR UC during this period. To ease the communication, students residing off-campus accommodation may contact Assoc Prof Dr Chook Ka Joo, Vice President of TAR UC, at 012-664 6898 or Sukhmit Singh, SRC President, at 016-930 6729. For students of TAR UC branch campuses, they may contact the following numbers for assistance:

TAR UC Branch Campus Contact Number
Penang Branch Campus 011 – 1082 5618
Perak Branch Campus 011 – 1075 8513
Johor Branch Campus 011 – 1082 5624
Pahang Branch 011 – 1082 5631
Sabah Branch 011 – 1082 5619

The identity of the students will be verified to ensure that only genuine TAR UC students will receive the assistance and support needed.

TAR UC wishes to reassure students that their welfare is of utmost importance and top priority as we understand the anguish students and their parents are facing given that the students are away from home at this critical time. Students are advised to keep regular contact with SRC so that TAR UC can continuously provide them all the support they need to get through the situation together.

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