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TAR UC JINBODHI Bursary Continues to Support Needy Students

October 26, 2021 | Campus News
A virtual mock cheque of TAR UC Jinbodhi Bursary 2021 amounting to RM300,000 shown on-screen while Teacher Ling Shan (2nd row, left) and Prof Ir Dr Lee and Assoc Prof Dr Chook Ka Joo (2nd row, right), Vice President of TAR UC, are holding up the signed deed of donation.

Many Malaysians have fallen on hard times during this distressful period of the pandemic. Nevertheless, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (‘TAR UC’) and Bodhi Meditation Malaysia Berhad (‘BMMB’) believe that education for the young generation should not be the sacrificial lamb in the face of this health crisis. With this in mind, TAR UC and BMMB have come together for the fifth time to provide financial assistance to TAR UC Diploma and Bachelor Degree students in a virtual signing ceremony of the deed of donation held on 20 October 2021.

The TAR UC JINBODHI Bursary set up by BMMB, is among the many financial aid options made available for TAR UC students. Since the setting up of the bursary in October 2017, TAR UC JINBODHI Bursary has been supporting deserving and underprivileged students by providing financial assistance to them to pursue their tertiary education at TAR UC.

In the past four years from 2017 - 2020, RM 2.8 million worth of financial aid have had been awarded to 148 recipients. In this fifth round, RM 300,000 will be made available to students and online application for TAR UC JINBODHI Bursary will be opening on 1 November 2021 via TAR UC official website.

The representatives from BMMB, namely Teacher Ling Shan, Brother Xu Te, Sister Fu Han, Teacher Fa Gong and committee members were present at the virtual signing ceremony, together with Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei, President of TAR UC, as well as senior officials of TAR UC.

In his speech, Teacher Ling Shan said that the TAR UC JINBODHI Bursary is more than just a financial aid. “It is also a form of encouragement and blessing to the beneficiaries. As such, BMMB and TAR UC will continue to provide the

means and support to open more doors for youths to obtain the education they need to make a better future for themselves,” he added.

Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei was thankful with the latest support from BMMB. “Today is yet another milestone that we have established over the years. The cooperation between TAR UC and BMMB has come to its fifth year, working together to help students with financial difficulties to achieve their dreams and aspirations. This is a tremendous effort by BMMB and we are very grateful for the support rendered to students by BMMB. This year despite all the challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the effort still continues with much enthusiasm. We look forward to the coming years where we will be able to help even more students fulfil their education dreams,” Prof Ir Dr Lee highlighted.

Chai Jing Wen, one of the TAR UC JINBODHI Bursary recipients studying the Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons) was full of gratitude to have been awarded the bursary. “I am a TAR UC JINBODHI Bursary 2018 and 2020 recipient. I am really thankful to have received the bursary again. After graduating from secondary school, I worked as a primary school teacher at a Chinese school for one year, but the salary was not enough to get me through tertiary education. So, when I got the bursary during my Diploma, I was so happy that I could focus on my studies without worrying about tuition fees. Because of that, I achieved CGPA of above 3.5. In June 2020, my father was admitted to the hospital and the doctor told me that my father’s health had deteriorated and he should not continue to work. However, with the help of the TAR UC JINBODHI Bursary, I could continue with my Bachelor’s degree as well as maintain my CGPA,” she said.

Some of the participants of the virtual signing ceremony consisting of representatives from BMMB, TAR UC Senior Officials and student recipients.

Another recipient, Kow Suet Yee, a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) student, came from a single parent family who is staying with her grandmother in Kuala Lumpur. “I used to work part-time and I have six siblings including my stepfather’s child. Even though my family does not support me financially, I still choose to continue studying as I feel that having a Bachelor’s degree qualification will enable me to have better earning power, so that I can look after my grandmother and my own family in the future. Since receiving the bursary, it has helped reduce the stress and allowed me to focus on my studies without having any financial worries. During this pandemic, it is hard to get a part-time job. Now, with this bursary and PTPTN, I am able to pay for my tuition fees and daily expenses,” said Suet Yee.

The TAR UC JINBODHI Bursary is a demonstration of the commitment of both TAR UC and BMMB in ensuring that the underprivileged and needy students have equal access to quality education especially during this time of crisis.

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