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UTMSPACE and UEM Edgenta to lead project aimed at developing highly competent Facility Management Managers in Malaysia

December 10, 2021 | Campus News
UTMSPACE and UEM Edgenta to lead project aimed at developing highly competent Facility Management Managers in Malaysia

By: Associate Prof Sr Dr. Sarajul Fikri Mohamed

UTMSPACE has partnered with UEM Edgenta and Malaysia Association of Facility Management (MAFM) to launch an exciting new programme, the Facility Managers Development Programme (FMDP), that aims to equip Facilities Management (FM) professionals with knowledge of the principles and methods of successful facilities management, from technological processes to commercial considerations. This will enable FM professionals to operate professionally at a higher level within the industry.

This programme is an extension of Certified Facility Management Manager (CFMM) competency programme established by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB); and in line with CIDB's efforts to ensure that the Facility Management Manager meets the requirements of the Construction Industry Competency Standard (CICS) developed by the industry to produce competent FM Managers. FMDP will be accredited by CIDB Malaysia.

“We hope that the collaboration between UTMSPACE and UEM Edgenta in implementing the FMDP may provide a platform for a better career advancement for the construction industry stakeholders,” said Professor Dr. Azlan Abd Rahman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of UTMSPACE.

Mr. Syahrunizam Samsudin, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of UEM Edgenta said, “Our objective in UEM Edgenta is to ensure that the company and its people are able to withstand any challenges that come our way, while still achieving our value creation promise for clients, partners and stakeholders. Our facility managers are in fact at the frontlines every day, and UEM Edgenta is committed to build and nurture vital leadership pipeline for the next generation of competent leaders.”

“With capable and skilled leaders generated by programmes such as the FMDP, UEM Edgenta will be on the right path to thrive in the present business climate, giving us an upper hand against our peers in this increasingly competitive space, thus enabling us to achieve our Edgenta of the Future 2025 vision,” added Syahrunizam.

Facilities management is experiencing a major transformation in terms of business model, procurement approach and technological innovation. At the same time the introduction of digital business in the facilities management industry has profound implication for the FM education process ranging from technology applications in dealing with key issues of adopting new ways using built environment, safe working environment standards and identify other creative ways to reduce operational costs.

As such, the opportunities offered by CIDB in the CICS and UTMSPACE as premier professional and lifelong learning provider, has given facilities management stakeholders in Malaysia the chance to qualify as Certified Facility Management Manager (CFMM). As with Malaysia, there was an established trend to develop construction facility manager education and accredited courses were developed in countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

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