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[TOA] Presenting the ESMOD Kuala Lumpur Graduation Fashion Show 2023 – “Le Dénoue”

March 3, 2023 | Campus News

Strutting down this year’s ESMOD Kuala Lumpur fashion runway at the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre were show-stopping looks! Following the theme ‘Le Dénoue’, which means the end of a story, a knot that ties everything together, the newest graduating batch of 17 up-and-coming designers showcased their collections with a total of 85 garments that wowed audiences and industry experts with their chic-looking creations. This time the collections had a little bit of everything: models dressed in eccentric vibrant coloured pieces, garments that paid homage to cultural roots and statement piece accessories. It is safe to say that we have seen it all.

Prior to the fashion show that soon became the talk of the town, these 17 talented fashion designers had their collections evaluated during the Jury Week by fashion experts – Thomas Vasseur, the Artistic Director of ESMOD Tokyo, Malaysian designers Melinda Looi, Bon Zainal, Daniel Lau, Carven Ong and ESMOD Kuala Lumpur’s Head of Fashion Department, Douglas Chew. Based on the techniques, skills and concepts behind each intricate detail of every collection, the experts chose the winners of the coveted ‘Best Fashion Design’, ‘Best Pattern Making’ and ‘Couture Prize’ awards.

‘Best Fashion Design’ was awarded to Chia Qing Ying for her collection, “INSIGHTS”. The entire collection represented the beauty of imperfection inspired by the facial nerve paralysis, Bell’s palsy which she diagnosed with. Chia presented an exploration of edgy street style, that translated into bold and empowering looks. The judges were amazed by the leather jackets, knee-high boots and use of ripped denim pieces perfectly stitched together to create jumpsuits that clearly showed she was not playing it safe. Her garments highlighted the amazing freedom designers have when it comes to creating awareness, be it a clothing design or a work of art and turned it into wearable statement pieces. It truly was a well-deserving award indeed.

Hoh Yun Qian took home the ‘Best Pattern Making’ award for her collection, “A Love Letter from Her.”. Charmed by the clean stitches and sophisticated look of Hoh’s garments, her collection on self-love piqued the judges’ interest. Her play on asymmetrical fits, cut-outs and corsets looked surprisingly artistic as it highlighted the model’s figure perfectly which seemed almost like an illusion. The curved lines and boxy silhouette portrayed characteristics of soft femininity, whereas the black and gold tones showed bold masculinity, striking a perfect balance between the two aspects. With the layering of embellished satin over brocade materials, her use of texture played an essential role in executing each piece. The garments were tailored perfectly to give an overall flattering aesthetic.

Representing an Oriental-style fashion, Lai Xuewei won the ‘Couture Prize’ award for his collection, “JADE”. In this collection, it was easy to spot odes to culturally relevant Asian references such as vintage lace, prints, sequins, cheongsam collars and jade stones. The entire collection was inspired by the colonial period in Shanghai that led to the melting pot of cultures. However, the nod to personal style and individuality was noticeable in each piece, giving off a very authentic feel. The judges admired the depth and detailing that went into creating each garment. Carrying the original vintage allure with an up-to-date stylistic nuance, this collection re-introduced tailored tops and dresses as well as lace embellishments from the past with a touch of seductive playfulness.

The show ended with a wave of applause from the audience, media and renowned fashion designers. These trendsetters are sure to take the fashion world by storm as they are equipped with the best skills, knowledge and exposure during their study at ESMOD Kuala Lumpur. Starting off by crafting garments from scratch, to having their masterpieces evaluated by industry experts all the way to hosting and organizing an entire fashion show, these graduates have all the experience they need to confidently step foot in the fashion industry. This has been practiced under the ESMOD programme in collaboration with ESMOD International over the years in order to produce designers that are well versed in every aspect of the process that goes into the art of creating fashion.

ESMOD Kuala Lumpur is under the umbrella of the world’s first and oldest fashion school in the world with over 180 years of history. Just like The One Academy’s commitment to the “Masters Train Masters” coaching philosophy, ESMOD Kuala Lumpur students are nurtured with the best Parisian fashion design education through comprehensive syllabuses that cover not only the creative-based fashion designing, but also high-level practical techniques of pattern-making which are led by experienced international fashion designers, most of whom hail from Paris, the fashion capital city of the world. For more information, visit or call +603-7875 5510 or e-mail your enquiries to [email protected] / [email protected].

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