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TAR UMT Jinbodhi Bursary Keeps Hope Alive

May 15, 2023 | Campus News

This year, the collaboration between TAR UMT and the Bodhi Meditation Charity
Foundation (BMCF) marks the sixth time they have come together to provide hope to
underprivileged students. On 9 May 2023, the bursary recipients for 2022 were presented
with their awards, continuing the tradition of supporting the educational dreams of those in
need. For this latest batch, 17 students have been awarded and the total amount comes to
RM318,453. The representatives from BMCF, namely Teacher Ling Shan, Brother Xu Te,
Teacher Fu Han, Brother Wen Jun and committee members were present at the award
ceremony, together with Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei, President of TAR UMT, as well as senior
officials of TAR UMT.

The TAR UMT Jinbodhi Bursary, established in 2017 by BMCF, is one of the various
financial aid available for students at TAR UMT, and until 2022, a total of close to RM 3.25
million has been awarded to 179 students.

In his speech, Teacher Ling Shan expressed his wish that the award will not only lighten the
financial burden of the students but also help them achieve their educational aspirations. “It
is my hope that with the Jinbodhi Bursary, students who are financially challenged can pursue
their dreams without worrying about tuition fees. As a TAR UMT graduate, you will not only
receive excellent education but also gain the skills and knowledge that can transform your
lives,” said Teacher Ling Shan.

Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei expressed why the TAR UMT Jinbodhi Bursary has been an important
milestone. “Over the years, we have seen remarkable outcomes – graduates who have
benefited from the bursary are now giving back to their communities and helping others. This
initiative has instilled a spirit of generosity and compassion in each and every student. We
must continue to extend our support to those in need so that no one is left behind. I express
my heartfelt gratitude to BMCF for being our valued partner and entrusting us with the
responsibility to provide equal opportunities in education to our students,” he said .

During the event, the bursary recipients of 2022 shared how their lives have become better
after receiving the bursary. Goh Qi Lun, a Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons) student,
comes from a B40 household group. “My father is a driver and my mother is a cleaner. When
they first introduced the online taxi booking service, my father was depressed and
unmotivated to work. Then, came the Covid-19 pandemic which made matters worse as my
father’s salary was significantly affected and his vehicle was also damaged in a flash flood.
My mother continued to work as a cleaner even though she had joint illness. This predicament
led me to apply for the Jinbodhi Bursary as my mission was to become a successful quantity
surveyor. Having obtained the bursary, I can now concentrate more on my studies without
worrying about my tuition fees. As such, I am sincerely grateful for the support that I have
received as it means a lot to me.”

Thurkarthini A/P Suraskumar, another bursary award recipient who is studying the Bachelor
of Creative Multimedia (Hons) programme also shared her story. “I am from a single parent
family as I lost my dad 6 years ago. I am also the eldest in my family and I have 3 sisters.
My mum sells home-made cakes and she is not doing well in her business. Her income is not
enough to cover our educational expenses, thus I looked for financial help and applied for
the bursary. Thankfully, I was selected and my mother’s burden can be lightened so that she

can focus on my sisters. This is a wonderful opportunity for me and I am thankful and really
blessed that I can now focus on my studies and obtain a good CGPA,” said Thurkarthini.

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