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BERJAYA University College’s Rising Stars Set to Shine Bright at ANSA Okinawa Resort!

October 4, 2023 | Campus News

Kuala Lumpur, [September 2023] – Berjaya University College is excited to fully sponsor five exceptionally talented students from BERJAYA University College who are gearing up for an incredible educational journey as they prepare for their internship at the renowned ANSA Okinawa Resort in Japan. This immersive internship is scheduled to kick off on September 11, 2023, and will run until January 27, 2024. It promises to be a transformative experience, offering these bright students the opportunity to gain invaluable industry expertise.

The five exceptional students are:

  1. Lee Oswald - Pursuing Diploma in Hotel Management
  2. Hong Yau Zu - Pursuing Bachelor of Culinary Arts
  3. Tay Jia Li - Pursuing Bachelor of Culinary Arts
  4. Lim Yuen Teng - Pursuing Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  5. Chiu Shiao Thong, Janice - Pursuing Diploma in Hotel Management

Lee Oswald expresses his enthusiasm for this golden opportunity, “BERJAYA University College played a pivotal role in connecting me to this exciting internship. I'm eagerly anticipating immersing myself in a new culture, meeting new people, and exploring Japan. During this internship, I'm focused on personal, social, and professional growth. I aim to absorb the Japanese approach to hospitality and elevate my service standards.”

Hong Yau Zu, shares that the skills and knowledge he has gained as a BERJAYA University College student, “I've equipped myself with essential skills through practical classes, boosting my confidence and immersing me in ASEAN cuisine. The management courses at BERJAYA University College equipped me with skills for customer and staff handling, as well as learning to manage costings—a crucial aspect of the culinary profession. At BERJAYA University College, the lecturers provided invaluable industrial experience, shaping my journey as a culinary and hospitality enthusiast. BERJAYA University College played a vital role in helping me secure this rare opportunity in Okinawa, Japan, under the Berjaya Group. The fully sponsored internship includes visas and flights, making it a unique chance to gain international experience. I'm eagerly looking forward to embracing Japanese kitchen styles, culture, cuisine, and management practices.”

Tay Jia Li shares her incredible student experience, "Despite the MCO challenges, I experienced firsthand the dedication of BERJAYA University College. Memorable courses like pastry, operations, and service etiquette refined my culinary skills. Chef Alex, my tutor, shared industry knowledge, Chef Amir honed my cooking skills, Chef Zul ignited my passion, and lecturer Mr. Ikram provided insights into the service industry, even taking us to cocktail events! I'll always treasure my practical exam, where I invited friends and family to the Samplings to experience my culinary prowess in both service and cooking. Thanks to BERJAYA University College, lecturer Ms. Ruzana, and my parents' support, I'm stepping out of my comfort zone for an exciting Okinawa internship.”

Lim Yuen Teng, recounts her memorable time studying at BERJAYA University College: “As a Diploma student, I had the chance to do an internship at Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills. Lecturer Mr. Ikram has been a constant source of guidance and support on my culinary and hospitality journey. I’m excited to learn about Japanese culture, make new friends, and acquire new skills. This experience will broaden my horizons and allow me to immerse myself in diverse cultures. It's a crucial step in shaping my future in hospitality management.”

Janice Chiu Shiao Thong, shares how she benefited from BERJAYA’s immersive methodology: “My time at BERJAYA University College has been transformative. From top-notch facilities like the bar to the invaluable hands-on experience at the Samplings, it's prepared me for real-world challenges while fostering personal growth. Practical classes have been invaluable, offering hands-on experience that's vital in our industry. Additionally, I've learned essential service skills that will set me apart in my career. Lecturer Ms. Hazwani stands out as a nurturing and excellent lecturer. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me understand service excellence. Student life at BERJAYA University College has been unforgettable. I'm excited and a bit nervous, but I'm taking a leap of faith to embark on this adventure. I look forward to the cultural exchange, learning a new language, making new friends, and gaining hands-on experience.”

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