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Malaysia’s vision 2024: Paving the way for higher education excellence — Dr Teh Choon Jin

January 15, 2024 | National News

JANUARY 13 — In a recent address, the Minister of Higher Education Malaysia unveiled an ambitious vision for 2024, focusing on fundamental principles to shape the success and efficacy of educational endeavours. This visionary roadmap aims to propel the nation’s higher education system to unprecedented heights, emphasising collaboration, academic culture, economic integration, talent development, and inclusivity. 

A commendable and inclusive emphasis on ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ demonstrates a commitment for all to work together. To drive this roadmap, the Minister has urged the Ministry of Higher Education to collaborate with stakeholders on developing a new Malaysian Education Development Plan (Higher Education) post-2025. Addressing core issues rather than peripheral ones is essential. The new Minister, instead of opting for a ‘reset,’ has chosen to continue the efforts initiated by his predecessor, who has commissioned a review of policies and processes with the active involvement of stakeholders to transform the higher education system.

Prioritising Research and Innovation:

Emphasising the importance of research and innovation as the backbone of a progressive higher education system, the roadmap aims to foster a culture of academic excellence and technological advancement. Pivotal steps include increased investment in research facilities, collaboration with industries, and creating a conducive environment for innovation. However, ensuring sustained funding and addressing potential challenges in bridging the academia-industry gap remain critical aspects requiring detailed consideration.

Strengthening Ties between Academia and Industry:

Recognising the need for stronger ties between academia and industry, the roadmap aims to produce graduates with practical skills aligned with industry needs. Strategies include encouraging internships, industry-sponsored projects, and joint research ventures. Success, however, depends on the willingness of industries to actively engage and the adaptability of academic curricula to rapidly evolving industry requirements.

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