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Dr. Jagdeep Singh Jassel

Dr. Jagdeep Singh Jassel

Chief Executive Officer
NAZA College of Technology and Business

Welcome to Naza Education – we provide academic excellence and countless opportunities for students to shape their spirit and substance for a lifetime of success.

We emphasize personal growth as much as academic performance; equal development of spirit and substance. Our experienced faculty is here to guide our younger generation through a journey of growth and learning. Naza students get up close and personal with the real industry, and discover a world greater than their own.

Naza Education demonstrates a broad range of care with dedicated and supportive staff who work together to achieve the best learning experience for each student. Our students walk into an environment where care follows closely behind; learning stimulated, curiosity sparked, visions cultivated, and actions inspired. Such is our vision and our promise to the students of Naza Education.

We are proud of Naza Education and welcome you to see for yourself what makes our community so successful.

Dr. Jagdeep Singh Jassel
Chief Executive Officer

Mission in Life

To embrace lifelong learning by first being a student, then a teacher.

Contributions to your institution

I have been with Naza Education for about 18 months now. Starting up the College from scratch to 100 students (as of now) has been a humbling yet satisfying experience. Putting in place the necessary strategy to ensure growth, processes and procedures to ensure quality education and superior student experience.

Contributions to the education industry

My DBA study addressed the lack of empirical research into SHRM in Malaysian hotels at a time of rapid growth in the Malaysian tourism industry. Building on current debates regarding strategic HRM, including SHRM and business strategy integration, and the role of HR as a strategic partner, , this research explores the relationship between human resource management and business strategies, and the challenges of HRM strategy realization.

My DBA thesis contributed in raising the awareness of hotel managers, and policy makers, of challenges faced by Malaysian hotels in formulating and implementing SHRM, is the primary contribution that this research claims to make. From this raising of awareness, the thesis considers implications for practice at different levels, namely for managers within the hotels, for policy makers such as the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), and for the government – in particular the Human Resource Ministry and the Tourism Ministry.

I have received numerous ‘Outstanding Student Evaluation’ letters from the University. This recognition, among others, is a testimony of my alignment with the University’s aspiration to be the driver of knowledge that leads to value generation. In my various role as a Head of Programme, Dean, Chief Executive, the direct and indirect contribution towards academic excellence are inevitable, in addition to the post-graduate supervision projects i have managed and conferences proceedings and book chapters publications.

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