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Y. Bhg. Prof. Dr. Durrishah Idrus

Y. Bhg. Prof. Dr. Durrishah Idrus

Vice-Chancellor Cum CEO
KPJ Healthcare University College

Prof. Dr. Durrishah Idrus is a Professor of Industrial Relations and Public Policy. She now holds the post of Vice Chancellor cum Chief Executive of KPJ International University College of Nursing and Health Sciences, a member of KPJ Healthcare Bhd. She is the Allied Fellow of the Institute of Human Resource, Human Resource Ministry and the external Editor for Malaysian Labour Review. She is the Secretary for the Cluster on Governance, Law and Public Management, Majlis Profesor Negara.

Before joining KPJ, she served at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) for 27 years and held the posts of Dean, Director, Research Manager and Principal, among others.

She has led and completed research projects for the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia, namely, 'The Criteria for Establishment of Green Universities, University Colleges and Colleges in Malaysia', 'Guidelines on Policy, Standards and Criteria for Upgrading the Status of College to University College and University College to University' and 'The Web-based instrument for upgrading of Colleges and University Colleges in Malaysia'.

Other outstanding researches undertaken were for the European Commission (EC), and the Malaysian Election Commission (SPRM). The "DIM-SUM project" under the EC analysed the policy and innovative decision-making process on the water management systems in Malaysia, India, Nepal and Indonesia. For SPRM, she led a project which subsequently led to the betterment of the policy, system and procedure of the Malaysian national election system.

She is a Visiting Scholar for the Japan Institute of Labour Policy and Training (JILPT), Tokyo, Japan. She has been invited as guest speaker on industrial relations, human resource management, and minimum wage issues for the Ministry of Human Resources, and involved in many policy dialogues including the National Minimum Wage of Malaysia.

She teaches and supervises in the field of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management for the MBA programme at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) as well as Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and is a visiting scholar at Universitas Sriwijaya, Indonesia.

She has been with the KPJ International University College of Nursing and Health Sciences as Vice Chancellor-cum-Chief Executive Officer since April 2011.

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