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5 Websites that Help Your SPM Revision

by on October 3, 2015 | Top Stories

Revision at your fingertips — we've come a long way from relying just on big heavy textbooks. Now all you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone; and an Internet connection, of course. Find out how you can still do revision on the go.

SPM is just 30 days away... You're probably studying day and night till you eat, sleep and breathe mathematical formulas, science equations and historical facts. While you revise and build a steady momentum, do you sometimes feel as if you're gripped by anxiety just because you can't remember a fact or formula? The good news is that you no longer need to lug a sack of books with you everywhere you go for the next month.

If you need quick access to revision notes, practice questions or even a cyber lesson, try out these websites that can help you in your SPM revision.

5 websites that help your spm revision

1. SlideShare

SlideShare is a great way to review what you know. Presented in slides, this information are short, concise and sometimes includes attractive mind maps. Besides notes, you can also get tips on how to answer questions and practice questions.

Here are some popular slides:

Remember, you can browse for more revision topics and tips in SlideShare.

2. Astro Tutor TV Mobile App

If you haven't tried Astro Tutor TV, now would be a good time to try it out. You don't have to be in front of the TV to do your revision (but it's on Channel 603 in case you're home). Instead, you can get the mobile app on Google Play and the App Store. Take the assessment to find out what you already know well and what you need to spend more time revising. There are notes, mind maps, quizzes and video tutorials. You can track your progress, and best of all, you can revise several topics in a single app.

5 websites that help your spm revision

3. Blogs

There are some blogs out there that have some pretty useful resources. Check these out:

4. Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu – Online dictionary

Whether you're practising writing karangan or need a quick check in the dictionary while doing a BM paper, you can depend on Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka without having to heave a heavy Kamus Dewan with you. You can check out the meaning and usage of a word right here. Just key in a word in the search field – you will get its meaning in BM and English, and there's also a thesaurus.

5. iTTV – Learn through videos

If you learn best by having a teacher explain a concept to you then you could try iTTV. Although iTTV requires a subscription in order for you to enjoy its full benefits, you can still access many useful videos on YouTube. Just key in ‘ITTV SPM' in the search bar to see a full list of videos available or add other keywords like ‘chemical bonds', ‘electromagnetism', ‘mathematics', and so on to look for the topic you're interested in.

We hope that these websites will help give your revision a boost. While it's good to start building a steady momentum from now, remember to pace yourself and take regular breaks. Good luck! You've got this!

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