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About the Study in Malaysia Handbook

by StudyMalaysia on February 10, 2017 | Top Stories

About the Study in Malaysia Handbook

Are you an international student looking for higher education opportunities in Malaysia? Are you a Malaysian student who intends to study abroad?

Find out all you need to know about studying in Malaysia in this indispensable handbook.

For international students

The wide range of tertiary level qualifications from certificate to doctoral levels means that there’s bound to be a course to meet the needs of any international student. But how do they begin to find the right college and course? And what do they need to do to prepare for their journey in becoming a student in Malaysia?

The Study in Malaysia Handbook (10th International edition 2016/2017) is designed to answer the questions that most international students have on where to study at Malaysia’s universities and colleges. It provides them with the knowledge they need in making the right choices and gives them confidence in starting out prepared as a college or university student. This handbook also helps them to discover the many good reasons why Malaysia could be their best option when it comes to pursuing their education abroad.

Published by Challenger Concept (M) Sdn Bhd, this handbook starts off by getting the students acquainted with some really interesting things they may not already know about Malaysia. Then they will be guided through what they need to know about the education system, types of institutions, and types of courses offered in Malaysia. Next, there are tips on what they need to do before they apply and before coming to Malaysia.

This handbook also contains useful profiles and courses of higher education institutions, making it convenient for students to have all the information they need in one handbook. If they need to interact directly with the institution(s) they’re interested in, they can email Studymalaysia.com via the Helpdesk Form.

“Choosing the right education pathway and country when it comes to studying abroad doesn't need to be difficult or confusing. Our education handbook takes you step-by- step in making a decision to study here,” said Mr Tan Mui Hong, managing director of Challenger Concept Sdn Bhd.

This annual handbook is an indispensable source of reference that equips international students with the most complete information under one-roof about educational opportunities in Malaysia. That’s not all, students who cannot get hold of a copy of this book can always log onto www.StudyMalaysia.com for information and assistance that are only a click away.

Study in Malaysia Handbook and www.StudyMalaysia.com continue to serve as an effective gateway for international students to get the answers they need about what and where to study at Malaysia’s international schools, universities and colleges.

For Malaysian students who intend to study abroad

For Malaysian students who want to go abroad for their tertiary education, the handbook highlights the advanced standing and credit transfer pathway in the “Going abroad from Malaysia” section. This is a popular option among students who want to acquire a foreign degree with substantial cost saving.

In this pathway, students study for a degree partly in Malaysia before proceeding to complete the degree at a university overseas. There is an extensive write-up on the advanced standing pathway for a foreign university degree qualification (page 217, section 2.7) coupled with a study abroad course directory that lists the foreign university qualifications available for credit transfer arrangement (page 221).

If you are interested to have a copy of The Study in Malaysia Handbook (10th International edition 2016/2017), please email to the publisher at [email protected]. It is also available at major bookstores.

About the Study in Malaysia Handbook

The Study in Malaysia Handbook (International Edition) was first published in 1998 to provide accurate and comprehensive information to international students on where and what to study at Malaysia’s higher educational institutions and international schools. Currently in its tenth edition, the annual publication of Study in Malaysia Handbook (International Edition), along with its complementary web-portal www.StudyMalaysia.com, serves as a worldwide media tool in promoting Malaysia as a centre of educational excellence to the global market-place.

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