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China students extol robust ties with Malaysia

by on April 24, 2024 | Top Stories, Why Study in Malaysia

China students extol robust ties with Malaysia -

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia and China have nurtured a robust relationship since establishing diplomatic ties 50 years ago, said Jiang Chengao, an undergraduate student from China currently studying at Universiti Malaya.

“This bond has further flourished under the leadership of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,” said Jiang, of the multifaceted development of the relationship between China and Malaysia. “Under the leadership of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, there have been numerous beneficial developments for both nations.”

Highlighting the significance of the Southeast Asian market for China, Chengao pointed out Malaysia’s strategic position as an ideal destination for Chinese investments. He said amid the ongoing trade tensions between China and Western countries, Malaysia provides a conducive environment for Chinese businesses to partner with local companies, facilitating the production of high-quality Malaysian brands.

“This business-to-business collaboration is mutually beneficial. While the market size in Malaysia might be smaller, joint efforts can significantly enhance the growth of Malaysian businesses.” The final-year media student also spoke about the importance of understanding and appreciating each other’s customs.

“Some Malaysians perceive China as stuck in the past. This perception is outdated. Both countries have progressed significantly.” When asked about his decision to study in Malaysia, Chengao’s response was simple – food. “I love the local food.”

He said he was captivated by the warmth of the people here during his first visit to Malaysia in 2014 with his family,

“While my parents suggested studying in Thailand for its entertainment scene, Malaysia felt more peaceful to me. People here lead simple, relaxed lives, focusing on work and family.” Shaoheng Li, an undergraduate majoring in Economics at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, shared his positive experiences living and studying in Malaysia.

Having spent over two years here, Shaoheng expressed his admiration for the friendly people, the peaceful environment and the rich cultural experiences Malaysia offers.

“The friendliness of Malaysians is truly heartwarming. Whether it’s the bus driver offering a smile during my daily commute or the ease of making friends, Malaysia feels like a second home.”

He also spoke about the relaxed academic environment in Malaysia and the reduced academic pressure compared with that in his homeland.

He expressed hope of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Malaysia, inspired by his older brother, who is currently studying for his Master’s Degree at Universiti Putra Malaysia. The diverse cultural and culinary experiences in Malaysia have also left a lasting impression on Shaoheng.

“Exploring places like Penang island has been a delight, with its vibrant culture, captivating art scenes, and mouthwatering local cuisine.” Coming from the landlocked Hunan province in China, he expressed his newfound appreciation or Malaysia’s coastal beauty.

“Being surrounded by the sea and experiencing the soothing ocean waves have been a refreshing change forme.”

Reflecting on the 50th anniversary of Malaysia-China diplomatic relations, Shaoheng highlighted the potential for strengthening ties through tourism, Bernama reported.

He said increased travel between the two countries will not only bolster diplomatic relations but also contribute significantly to tourism.

He sees promising opportunities for collaboration between Malaysia and China in the field of technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI).

“With China’s growing interest in cutting-edge technologies, Malaysia has the potential to develop innovative AI solutions that could attract Chinese investments.”

- The Sun, 24th April 2024. page 2


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