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myCareer Test: Explore Your Career Clusters
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It’s StudyMalaysia here! Now that you have a clearer picture about the 16 career clusters with their respective groups of related occupations, you can embark on your career planning. Try this self-directed interest survey exercise which will help you understand your career interest better.

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Knowing myCareer

Here are 16 activity statements that correspond to the 16 career clusters. Try this self-directed exercise.

Read these 16 statements carefully and put a tick in the box if the sentence describes what you’re passionate about or enjoy doing. When you’re done, look at the sentences you have ticked and choose the top 3 sentences that best reflect your interests and write them in the space below.

Item Career interest survey statement I’m interested!
1. I like to: Learn how things grow and stay alive and find ways to protect the environment. I prefer doing things outdoors.
2. I like to: Visit and learn from beautiful, historic, or interesting buildings; visualise what a finished product looks like and build structures that people use every day.
3. I like to: Perform creative and artistic activities and I enjoy music, dance, paintings, and art. I like to share news and information with others.
4. I like to: Be the leader in a working group and enjoy making new contacts. I’m also interested in learning about how a business works and am usually willing to take risks.
5. I like to: Help others to learn new things and skills. I am comfortable with speaking to a group of people and also enjoy acquiring new information.
6. I like to: Handle money and can do it with accuracy and reliability; work with numbers: analyse financial information and explain it to others.
7. I like to: Negotiate, defend, and debate ideas; and be involved in politics. Rules and laws are important to me.
8. I like to: Help sick people and animals; take care of others and am able to respond calmly in emergencies.
9. I like to: Plan activities in which other people enjoy themselves; help people have fun and like to explore new places of interest and cultures of others.
10. I like to: Care about people, their needs, and their problems; help them to be at their best and to overcome obstacles in their lives.
11. I like to: Work with computers; play video games and figure out how they work. I also like to solve computer’s technical problems.
12. I like to: Debate and win arguments; and help people figure out the legal system. I respect rules and regulations.
13. I like to: Use hand and power tools, operate equipment and machinery; figure out how a machine works and enjoy building, modifying and repairing things.
14. I like to: Give presentations to an audience and I am good at persuading people to buy products or to participate in activities.
15. I like to: Figure out how things work and investigate new things and new technologies. I enjoy solving problems and experimenting with new ways of doing things.
16. I like to: Analyse how people travel and design efficient processes to move things or people from one place to another. I have always been fascinated by vehicles.
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Adapted from: www.ISEEK.org, “Career clusters interest survey” 2014

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