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Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Hons)

Offered by: MAHSA University
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Exam BodyInternal Degree, Malaysia
Course Duration4 years
Part Time/Full TimeFull Time/Part Time
Fees (International Student)Refer to Univ.
FacultyFaculty of Health Sciences, Nursing, and Education
Conducted entirely in MalaysiaYes
Awarding CountryMalaysia
Level of StudyBachelor's Degree Level
Field of StudyMedical Diagnostic & Treatment Technology
Course Description

MAHSA University’s Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Hons) is a 4-year undergraduate degree programme that trains qualified radiographers in the expert use of radiography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT scan) and ultrasound for the purpose of diagnosing diseases and injuries. This degree in medical imaging (also called Medical Diagnostic Radiography) will qualify graduates as radiographers who are highly respected and in great demand in hospitals and medical centres throughout the world.

During the course, students will learn the diverse and complex subjects of human anatomy and physiology, general pathology, radiation physics, medical radiations, x-ray techniques, clinical radiography, regional and sectional biography for medical imaging, digital vascular imaging, mammography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, systematic imaging pathology, medical radiation science, radiation safety and biology, radiation safety standards and procedures, radiographic practice, image interpretation, health and statistics, and professional practice.

Upon completion this programme, students will be able to perform multifarious expert activities such as positioning patients correctly and effectively for ideal imaging results; utilizing radiographic exposure factors to optimize image quality and minimize patient dosage and exposure to radiation; and effectively using various methods of medical imaging to take images of parts of patients’ anatomies to detect injuries and possible diseases. They will also be able to use nuclear medicine to assist patients in the eradication of cancerous cells in radiation treatments; exercise maximum caution and care in the use of radiation to maximize patient and occupational safety; assess patients’ situations and provide solutions according to changing needs and limitations; adhere to and uphold stringent safety standards in the use of radiation equipment and procedures; and counsel and comfort patients to whom they are attending.

Ultimately, MAHSA’s graduating radiographers will be able to contribute a host of essential services to medical institutions everywhere.

    • Imaging Physics (Module Code: RRP 2120)
    • Patient Care in Professional Practice (Module Code: BPM 2130)
    • Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology I (Module Code: MAP 2140)
    • Instrumentation & Image Processing I (Module Code: RRI 2130)
    • English for Academic Purpose (Module Code: ENG 6112)
    • TITAS/Malaysian Studies (U1) (Module Code: MPU 3123/MPU 3173)
    • General Pathology (Module Code: PAT 2230)
    • Medical Imaging Procedures I (Module Code: MIP 2230)
    • Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology II (Module Code: MAP 2240)
    • Instrumentation & Image Processing II (Module Code: RRI 2230)
    • Basic Pharmacology (Module Code: BPH 2220)
    • Hubungan Etnik/Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 (U1) (Module Code: MPU 3113/MPU 3143)
    • English for Academic Writing (Module Code: ENG 6212)
    • Health Psychology (Module Code: BBS 2320)
    • Medical Imaging Procedures II (Module Code: MIP 2330)
    • Image Evaluation & Interpretation (Module Code: RIS 2320)
    • Instrumentation & Image Processing III (Module Code: RRI 2330)
    • Radiation Biology & Safety (Module Code: BPM 2330)
    • First Aid and Basic Life Support (Module Code: BLS 2330)
    • Clinical Placement Medical Imaging Procedures I (Module Code: RCP 2451)
    • Clinical Placement Medical Imaging Procedures IIA (Module Code: RCP 2452)
    • Clinical Placement Medical Imaging Procedures IIB (Module Code: RCP 2453)
    • Entrepreneurship (U2) (Module Code: MPU 3243)
    • Sectional Imaging Anatomy (Module Code: RDI 2531)
    • Medical Imaging Procedures III (Module Code: MIP 2530)
    • Computed Tomography (Module Code: SPE 2531)
    • Radiographic Pathology (Module Code: RDI 2532)
    • Biostatistics (Module Code: RSP 2530)
    • Mammography (Module Code: SPE 2530)
    • Comparative Religion (U3) (Module Code: MPU 3342)
    • Ultrasonography (Module Code: SPE 2631)
    • Digital Subtraction Angiography (Module Code: SPE 2622)
    • Healthcare Management (Module Code: BAM 2631)
    • Radionuclide Imaging (Module Code: SPE 2623)
    • Professionalism and Ethics (Module Code: BAM 2622)
    • Dental Radiography (Module Code: SPE 2624)
    • Research Methodology (Module Code: RSP 2330)
    • Community Work 2 (Module Code: MPU 3422)
    • Comparative Medical Imaging (Module Code: SPE 2721)
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Module Code: SPE 2732)
    • Research Project I (Module Code: RSP 2730)
    • Clinical Placement Medical Imaging Procedures III (Module Code: RCP 2750)
    • Research Project II (Module Code: RSP 2860)
    • Clinical Placement IV (Module Code: RCP 2851)
    • Clinical Placement V (Module Code: RCP 2852)
Entry Requirements
    • Pass Matriculation/Pre-University/STPM or equivalent with minimum GPA 2.33 in TWO of the following subjects:

      • Biology

      • Physics/Mathematics

      • Chemistry


  • Pass A-level or equivalent with minimum Grade D in TWO of the following subjects:

    • Biology

    • Physics/Mathematics

    • Chemistry


    • Pass Diploma (Level 4 MQF) with minimum CGPA of 2.75 in related field


    • Pass Diploma (Level 4 MQF) with CGPA less than 2.75 in related field and a minimum of 3 years working experience in the related field


  • Other recognized qualification of equivalence

MUET Band 3/IELTS (5.5)/TOEFL (550)

English proficiency for international student: TOEFL (550)/IELTS (5.5) or equivalent

Career Prospects
  • Radiographer / Medical Imaging Technologist

  • Mammographer

  • Sonographer (with special training)

  • Angiographer

  • Application Specialist (Radiology)

  • Sales Executive (Radiology)

All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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