Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)

PA 11348 KPT/JPS (R/727/6/0081) ( MQA/FA9327 ) 03 / 21

Course Information

Mode: Mixed
Duration: 4 Yrs


Campus: Petaling Jaya Campus
Full Time
Conducted in Malaysia: Yes
Level of Study: Bachelor's Degree Level
Field of Study: Medicine & Healthcare
Faculty: Faculty of Pharmacy
Awarding Country: Malaysia
Exam Body: Internal Degree, Malaysia
Fees: 114520/Course / Refer to Univ. (international)

Course Overview

Our Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) programme which is accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) will give you the knowledge and practical skills you need to enter the pharmacy profession. Throughout this 4-year Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) degree programme, you will be taught the fundamentals underpinning the use of medicine, including the physiology of the human body, the effects of medicines on human body and how medicines are developed and designed. You will become familiar with the professional aspects of pharmacy through a variety of placements with our extensive links with the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and community pharmacy. In the fourth year, you will develop your research skills by completing a research project under the supervision of a dedicated staff in your chosen pharmacy area. Throughout the programme, you will be trained in communication skill to ensure that you can communicate effectively with patients and other healthcare professionals. Your training will also include problem solving, decision making and developing the skills you need to adapt to any changes that may occur during your career.


The Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) is accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and recognized by the Pharmacy Board Malaysia and Ministry of Health, Malaysia.


1Anatomy & Physiology IMPHA 1111
 Dosage From Design IMPHA 1611
 Pharmaceutical Chemistry IMPHA 1211
 Scientific Basis Of Therapeutics – IntroductionMPHA 1311
 English I – Communicative English For PharmacyMPHA 1811
 PharmacoinformaticsMPHA 1113
 U1-TITAS (In BM)MPU 3123
 U2- Malaysian Studies (In English) for International StudentsMPU 3173
2BiochemistryMPHA 2217
 Anatomy & Physiology IIMPHA 2113
 Pharmaceutical Chemistry IIMPHA 2213
 Scientific Basis Of Therapeutics Ii– Peripheral Nervous System & TherapyMPHA 2312
 Dosage From Design II – SolidMPHA 2612
 Pharmacy Practice IMPHA 2512
 English IIMPHA 2812
 U4-Ethnics RelationMPU 3113
 U5- Bahasa Komunikasi 2 (In Bm For International Students)MPU 3213
3Pharmaceutical MicrobiologyMPHA 3711
 Pharmaceutical ImmunologyMPHA 3712
 Scientific Basis Of Therapeutics Iii– Central Nervous System & TherapyPHA 3313
 Dosage From Design Iii – Liquid & SolidMPHA 3613
 Pharmacy Practice IIMPHA 3512
 Pharmaceutical Analysis IMPHA 3213
 Medicinal Chemistry IMPHA 3215
 U6 - Comparative ReligionMPU 3312
4Dosage Form Design IVMPHA 4614
 Scientific Basis Of Therapeutics Iv– Endocrine, Gastrointestinal System & TherapyMPHA 4314
 Medical Chemistry IIMPHA 4216
 PharmacognosyMPHA 4218
 Pharmaceutical Analysis IIMPHA 4214
 Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyMPHA 4713
 Pharmacy Practice IiiMPHA 4513
5Mathematics & Statistics For PharmacyMPHA 5114
 Biostatistics & EpidemologyMPHA 5115
 Scientific Basis Of Therapeutics V- Dermatology, Respiratory, Haematologicalsystem & TheraptyMPHA 5315
 Dosage Form Design VMPHA 5615
 Clinical Pharmacy IMPHA 5411
 PharmacotoxicologyMPHA 5318
 Pharmacy Practice IVMPHA 5514
 Veterinary PharmacyMPHA 5319
 Drugs And Substances Of AbuseMPHA 5323
6Clinical Pharmacy IIMPHA 6412
 Clinical Pharmacy IIIMPHA 6413
 Evidence- Based PharmacotherapyMPHA 6515
 Scientific Basis Of Therapeutics Vi- Cardiovascular, Renal System & TherapyMPHA 6316
 Extemporaneous PreparationsMPHA 6516
 Community PharmacyMPHA 6518
 Drugs In Sports & Lifestyle DrugsMPHA 6320
7Research MethodologyMPHA 7116
 Clinical Pharmacy IVMPHA 7414
 Scientific Basis Of Therapeutics Vii- Antimicrobials & AntineoplasticsMPHA 7317
 Pharmacoeconomics & Drug PolicyMPHA 7519
 Industrial Pharmacy & Quality AssuranceMPHA 7617
 Pharmaceutics Ethics & LegislationMPHA 7507
 Complementary MedicinesMPHA 7322
 RadiopharmacyMPHA 7616
8Research ProjectMPHA 8117
 Pharmacy ManagementMPHA 8520
 EntrepreneurshipMPHA 8813
 Industrial Pharmacy & Regulatory ControlMPHA 8618
 Clinical Pharmacy VMPHA 8415

Entry Requirements

  • SPM:

    Pass with grade C for Bahasa Malaysia and English


    Minimum CGPA 3.00 with grades BBB/ABC/AAC in 3 subjects (Biology & Chemistry & Physics /Mathematics) including B in Chemistry;

    A - Level:

    BBB/ABC/AAC in 3 subjects Biology & Chemistry & Physics /Mathematics) including B in Chemistry

    Foundation in Science (FIS) / Matriculation / Pre-Medic / Pre-Pharmacy (minimum 12 months): Minimum CGPA 3.00 including B in Chemistry AND SPM: Pass with at least 5B's in Biology & Chemistry & Physics & Mathematics / Additional Mathematics and 1 other subject

    Diploma in Science (Chemistry / Biology / Physics): Minimum CGPA 3.75 including B in Chemistry AND SPM: Pass with at least 5B's in Biology & Chemistry & Physics & Mathematics / Additional Mathematics and 1 other subject

    Diploma in Pharmacy: Minimum CGPA 3.50 AND SPM: Pass with at least 5B's in Biology & Chemistry & Physics & Mathematics / Additional Mathematics and 1 other subject


    First Degree in Sciences : Min. CGPA 2.75 (Min. Grade C+)

    UEC : Pass with minimum Grade B4 in the following 5 subjects - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and 1 other subject.

    SAM : Aggregate score 16 for 3 Science subjects including Chemistry

    CPU / Western Australian Curriculum Council / HSC Sydney / University of New South Wales Foundation / Trinity College Foundation : 65% for 3 subjects including Chemistry

    IB : Min Score 30 with 2 Science subjects (including Chemistry) in the Higher Level (HL) & 1 Science subject in the Standard Level (SL) & min score 4 for every Science subject taken

    CIMP/ Indian Pre-U : 75% for 3 subjects including Chemistry

    American High School with Advance Placement (AP) : Min CGPA 3.00 for 3 Science subjects including Chemistry

    Other equivalent qualifications

    English Proficiency: Band 3 in MUET / Score 550 TOEFL or Band 6.0 IELTS with min. Band 5.5 in each skill Writing, Reading, Listening or Speaking (WRLS)


Career Prospects

  • Community pharmacist
  • Industrial pharmacist
  • Hospital pharmacist
  • Research scientist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Product development scientist
  • All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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