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Master in Pharmacy

Offered by: MAHSA University
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Exam BodyInternal Postgraduate Degree, Malaysia
Course Duration2 Yrs
Part Time/Full TimeFull Time
Fees (International Student)Refer to Univ.
FacultyFaculty of Pharmacy
Conducted entirely in MalaysiaYes
Awarding CountryMalaysia
Level of StudyMasters Degree Level
Field of StudyMedicine & Healthcare
Course Description

The Faculty is offering two postgraduate programmes by research only.

      1. Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) – (N/727/7/0045) (MQA/PA 3399)
      2. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – (N/727/8/0049) (MQA/PA 3093)

The degree will be awarded on the successful examination of a thesis based on original research.  The faculty offers a wide choice of research areas (see Program Outline).  There is a coursework component to this degree, consisting of a Research Methodology unit of study, but by no means is it a major component. The research areas are: 

      • Medicinal Chemistry
      • Pharmacognosy
      • Pharmaceutical Microbiology
      • Dosage Form Design
      • Pharmacy Practice
      • Clinical Pharmacy
      • Scientific Basis of Therapeutics

The course offered is by research only – some of the research interests as below, or any research areas proposed by the candidates; or as expertise and specialisation in various field of pharmacy become available.

The research areas are: 

1. Medicinal Chemistry

Research interests: Synthesis & characterization of biological active New Chemical Entities bearing five or six member heterocyclic ring system; Pharmacological Evaluation of any synthesized compounds; Isolation & characterization of active constituent in the plant origin; Development of Analytical methods for the API’s & Dosage Forms; Toxicological studies; Stability study of herbal preparation; HPLC analysis of pharmaceutical and biological sample; Identifying new chemical entity for chemoprevention and cancer therapy; Molecular modeling and analyzing interactions of ligand on the receptor binding sites; Toxicological Profiling of Non- allopathic preparations; HPLC Method development for Drugs and other toxic agents; Natural product analysis.

2. Pharmacognosy 

Research interests: Phytochemical screening of medicinal plants; Isolation, Phytochemical screening, characterisation and pharmacological screening of anti-hyperglycemic activity, hepatoprotective activity; cytotoxicity assessment of medicinal plants belonging to the species: Pereskia, Ximenia, Syzygigium, and Synsepalum.

3. Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Research interests: Screening of plant extract from Malaysian herbs for its antimicrobial and anticancer activity; Isolation and identification of indoor microorganisms isolated from a building.

4. Dosage Form Design

Research interests: Natural product analysis; Transdermal drug delivery; In vitro skin permeation cells (‘Franz’ diffusion cell); Instrumentation analysis; development and validations (UV spectrometry,  GC, RP- HPLC etc); Cosmeceutical; Pharmaceutical technology (product development); Product analysis- formulation developments and evaluation, disintegration, dissolution; Preformulation (drug development feasibility with new molecules; physico-chemical characterization; solubility and stability assessment and improvement; polymorphism; drug-drug and drug-excipient compatibility; data for new drug applications (IND and NDA)); Conventional and Novel Delivery Systems (including patentable non-infringing platform technologies: nanotechnology (lipid nanospheres, nanoemulsion and solid lipid nanoparticles) for anticancer drug delivery and tumour targeting; vaginal and rectal microbicides and anti-infectives including film, tablet, capsule, gel, cream, and foam formulations; solid, semisolid and liquid dosage forms; implants and conducting polymers; taste masking and mouth dissolving preparations; bioadhesive preparations for buccal and vaginal administration; extemporaneous compounding; complementary medicines; cosmetics; osmotic and matrix oral delivery systems; brand v/s generic products comparison and development); Novel Veterinary Formulations (including drug combinations and extended release preparations); Herbal preparations, Probiotics; Development of new pharmaceutical excipients; Oral controlled drug delivery systems of natural and synthetic polymers.

5. Pharmacy Practice

Research interests:  Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacoepidemiology, Communication, Social Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management; Health Related Quality of Life measurements and analysis; Pharmacoeconomics; Pharmacoinformatics; Community pharmacy practices; Smoking Cessation Research; Managing Minor Skin Ailments in Community Pharmacy; Health Counselling; Awareness of Drug Usage and Medication in community; Behavioural Medication Usage Study.

6. Clinical Pharmacy

Research interests: Pharmacists’ participation in the care of patients; Medicine Therapy Management (diabetics, cardiovascular, warfarin management); Chemotherapy Drug Management; ICU Drug Management; Paediatric Drug Management; Pharmacoeconomics; Behavioural Medication Usage Study.

7. Scientific Basis of Therapeutics

Research interests: Transposon-mediated mutagenesis, PCR-directed mutagenesis, egfp-gene tagging, fluorescence microscopy, gene cloning, PCR, RT-PCR, phospholipid extraction & TLC, Southern blot, disc diffusion assay, chemical synthesis, NMR, bioinformatics and molecular modelling (virtual screening of compound libraries, protein-ligand docking); Bio-analytical method development using HPLC; Pharmacological screening of medicinal plants; Pharmacological screening of synthetic drugs; Antimicrobial studies on medicinal plants; preclinical pharmacokinetic studies, screening for anti-psoriatic-cancer compounds using bioassay and pre-clinical experimental cancer chemotherapy.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field with minimum CGPA 2.75 from universities recognized by the Senate of MAHSA University


Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field with CGPA 2.50 from universities recognized by the Senate of MAHSA University can be accepted based on detailed evaluation


Bachelor’s Degree in relevant pharmacy area with CGPA lower than 2.50 or its equivalent from universities recognized by the Senate of MAHSA University can be accepted with minimum 5 years working experience in the relevant field


Bachelor's degree in relevant pharmacy area with a First Class from any universities recognized by the Senate of MAHSA University


Bachelor's degree candidates with minimum CGPA 3.57 who have registered as students may apply to convert to PhD research programme with the condition to show competency and ability to do research equivalent to PhD research programme and is approved by the University Senate


Other equivalent qualifications approved by the Senate of MAHSA University

All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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