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Institution Profile

Alfa International CollegeSince its establishment in 1998, ALFA College has been recognised as one of the foremost design colleges in Malaysia. ALFA students and graduates have consistently been awarded in nationwide competitions for their outstanding design work. While staying true to its origins as a design academy, ALFA College expanded its diploma offering to include Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Fashion Entrepreneurship.

ALFA College currently offers

  • Diploma in Architecture

    Architecture is the profession of designing buildings, open areas and other man-made structures and environments, usually with artistic effects. An architect produces drawings, constructs building models, and specifies construction materials and color combinations. Studying architecture is both challenging and fun, where architects enjoy the satisfaction of watching their drawings transform into magnificent masterpieces.

  • Diploma in Interior Architecture

    Interior Architecture is a distinct and separate discipline from architecture. Interior Architecture involves the planning and detailing of residential, commercial and institutional interior projects. Not only does the space need to look good, it must also be functional. An innovative design enables us to live and work more comfortably, efficiently and securely. There are two unique features, namely, Professional Studies and Furniture Studies that equip student with a competitive edge.

  • Diploma in Graphic Design

    Graphic Design plays an important role in any organisation’s success. Designers prepare concepts and advertisements to promote brands, products and services. Over the last decade, the demand for highly-trained and creative designers has resulted in the need for proper education and training. Many employers would assess a graduate’s creative portfolio in the hiring process. This course is not only highly skills-driven but students will also be nurtured to think out-of-the-box and apply creative ideas into their design.

  • Diploma in Multimedia Design

    Multimedia designers are employed to develop state-of-the-art digital content for various platforms. The need for multimedia exists from small companies to large corporations. Therefore, this growing industry needs highly-skilled and creative designers. Interactive Design & Development covers both front-end and back-end development. Students will learn to conceptualise code and publish content onto the web, interactive kiosks, smart phones and tablets. This includes the integration and production of visual elements for digital content. This course enables students to fit into different areas of specialisation i.e. web design, 3D animation or even in the broadcast industry.

  • Diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship

    The fashion industry is undergoing unprecedented growth and for creative and enterprising individuals, opportunities related to fashion are being re-imagined and exploited. Knowledge of fashion design is just the first step where survival in the competitive environment of fashion business demands more. For those with an eye for fashion and a mind for business comes the Fashion Entrepreneurship diploma course. Fashion Entrepreneurship is the blending of fashion design and business entrepreneurship. This course provides an understanding of the fashion industry along with training in practical business skills required of a viable business operator. It’s a diverse and rigorous course, which enables students to competently fulfill specialised roles in the fashion industry as well as embark confidently in their own business venture.

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE)

    There is probably no career more important than teaching and caring for young children. The children today are tomorrow’s leaders. Psychologists contend that the first five years of life is when a child learns the most. Therefore Early Childhood Education is the foundation for lifelong learning. ALFA’s Diploma in Early Childhood Education is designed to complement the government’s mission of ensuring that all early childhood educators are at least diploma holders. In this course, students will enhance their educational knowledge and abilities in the areas of curriculum, pedagogical assessment, creativity, administration and management development. Students will also master the skills of identifying and practising innovative approaches in teaching young children.


Alfa International CollegeALFA College provides a unique close-knit learning environment for its students. Because the student-to-lecturer ratio is low, students are able to work very closely with the lecturers while enjoying personalised attention and coaching. But it’s more than just numbers which contributes to ALFA’s uniqueness. The quality of its lecturers is a big reason why families choose ALFA College. Lecturers at ALFA are experienced industry professionals concerned with the welfare of the individuals under their tutelage. They lead students in the direction towards industrial practice methods, where students are able to assimilate effectively upon joining the industry with minimum further training. Parents can rest assured that their child (and their investment) are in caring hands. (*Prospective parents are encouraged to visit the ALFA College Campus in Subang Jaya at their convenience to meet the current students and lecturers.)


The academic curriculum for design courses consists of industry-relevant courses with a focus on professional readiness. Seventy percent of these courses involve practical, hands-on content. Course work is designed to teach the industry’s best practices which provide ALFA graduates with a considerable advantage as they enter the job market. A strong emphasis on technical understanding helps students to move into an industry which demands fundamental knowledge of technical ability. The critical subjects prepare students to progress and assume a senior position which demands post design knowledge and skill sets as quickly as possible. Local employers are discovering that ALFA graduates are stand-out professionals who are capable of performing jobs normally assigned to more senior team members.

Alfa International CollegeAs for the Early Childhood Education, many have the perception that the career prospect is not good. One common misconception is that the only career choice in this field is to be a kindergarten teacher. In reality, students who choose this career option can be an education administrator, early childhood coordinator, pre-school teacher, school counsellor, special education teacher, childcare centre manager, children’s event organiser, assistant principal, principal or even owner of a kindergarten. ALFA College’s Diploma in Early Childhood Education gives students the head start in this career pathway by virtue of the college’s association with the REAL Education Group. Their job prospects after completing the course are bright because of the job placement opportunity at one of the REAL Kids’ 30 kindergartens. For anyone with a dream of owning a kindergarten, REAL Kids has an established and systematic management trainee programme to mentor and groom students in the kindergarten business.

The College encourages students to explore new approaches and independent thinking while fostering a mindset geared towards problem solving and practical solutions. ALFA students are empowered to articulate unique viewpoints and clear communication in a team-based context in preparation for life in the professional arena. As a result, ALFA graduates are able to produce industry-relevant solutions while performing at optimal levels either independently or in team-based settings.


ALFA students have consistently been recognised for their outstanding design work and have been awarded top honours in nationwide competitions such as:

  • The Tanjong Heritage Art Competition
  • Batik Furniture Design Competition
  • Dulux Emerging Talent Awards
  • Nippon Paint Young Designer Award
  • Kancil Awards
  • Nando’s Art Initiatives Competition
  • And many more


A hallmark of ALFA’s curriculum is the industrial attachment programme which takes place during a student’s final year of study. The programme offers students practical work experience and exposure to current industry demands and opportunities that effectively prepares students for entry into their chosen design profession. ALFA’s lecturers set strict guidelines for students (and employers) to follow during their industrial training in order to maximise the value of the experience for all parties involved.


Alfa International CollegeCustomised educational study trips – whether local or international – are yet another opportunity for increasing exposure and breadth of experience for its students. Study trips allow participants to appreciate Malaysia’s rich cultural history and also to encounter foreign design cultures which help students grow as designers. Design cannot thrive in a laboratory setting - instead, the world serves as the ultimate classroom to inspire creative ideas.

Students have the opportunity to further their studies with outstanding universities in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Our graduates are recognised for their academic standing by internationally recognised partner universities through scholarship and credit-recognition avenues.

Finally, the achievements of the ALFA Alumni serve as a fitting demonstration of the calibre of ALFA’s educational programmes. Many ALFA graduates are now cultivating successful careers both locally and overseas. Some are thriving business owners while others serve vital roles in multinational organisations. To serve the ongoing needs of the alumni community, the College organises gatherings for networking and alumni support purposes. This avenue promotes strong ties among graduates while providing a vital link between the academy and active members of the industry.

All in all, the ALFA experience offers an enriching pathway for young people en route to a creative and purposeful professional life. The training and experiences gained here will serve the successful graduate well throughout their career.

Courses Offered

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Certificate Level
Certificate in Architecture Draughting
Fees (Local): 9909/Course
Duration: 1.5 Yrs
Certificate in Art & Design
Fees (Local): 11796/Course
Duration: 1.5 Yrs
Certificate in Early Childhood Education
Fees (Local): 10674/Course
Duration: 1.5 Yrs
Diploma Level
Diploma in Architecture
Fees (Local): 44325/Course
Duration: 3 Yrs
Diploma in Digital Photography
Fees (Local): 23437/Course
Duration: 2.5-3 years (Full Time) 4-5 years (Part Time)
Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Fees (Local): 21807/Course
Duration: 3 Yrs
Diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship
Fees (Local): 29922/Course
Duration: 3 Yrs
Diploma in Graphic Design
Fees (Local): 28044/Course
Duration: 3 Yrs
Diploma in Interior Architecture
Fees (Local): 44325/Course
Duration: 3 Yrs
Diploma in Multimedia Design
Fees (Local): 36387/Course
Duration: 3 Yrs

Student Testimonials

Donchi Doukolbe Yves Roberto, Cameroon

Diploma in Architecture, 2005-2008

“Malaysia is such a peaceful country….”

Shin Na Ri, South Korea

Diploma in Interior Architecture UCTI Foundation Programme, 1 year

“It was difficult at first to be so far away from home. But I have made many friends at ALFA. The course is very practical and I can use what I have learnt in my job. Thank you, ALFA!”

Contact Details

Alfa International College

CT-11, Corporate Tower,
Subang Square, Jalan SS15/4G,
47500 Subang Jaya

Type: Private College

Tel: 603-5631 9208
Fax: 603-5631 9221
Website: http://www.alfa.edu.my/
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