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Institution Profile


DISTED is a premier non-profit college in Penang that is owned by the Wawasan Education Foundation. It thrives on the confidence of the community and the strengths of its programmes, staff and student care.

DISTED is committed to providing a brand of education that is excellent, relevant and complete for all in the country. It offers a wide range of high quality courses from certificate to bachelor degree level.

The college offers an environment that gives young school leavers safe and great opportunities to live and learn a life of adventure, creativity, independence and leadership as well as to thrive and achieve significance in knowledge for the service of mankind.

Students are able to enjoy a wide variety of social, cultural, entertainment and sporting activities that will contribute to a great on-campus and well-rounded learning experience.

Programme Outline

Pre-university Studies
Business and Management
Computer Science   
Business IT
Creative Multimedia
English Language



DISTED is made up of 2 campuses.

The DISTED Yeap Chor Ee Campus on Macalister Road houses mixed modern and heritage buildings in a very green setting. It is equipped with modern teaching and learning facilities to help students to realise their aspirations.

The DISTED School of Hospitality Campus is located in Bangunan Wawasan on China Street Ghaut in the heritage enclave of the UNESCO World Heritage City of George Town. It is well-equipped with first class facilities for classroom learning as well as practical learning to acquire knowledge and skills that are relevant to the real working world.

Accommodation and Transportation
DISTED provides outstation and foreign students with suitable college-managed accommodation in privately owned premises for twin sharing.

Daily transportation to the college is arranged for students staying in the off-campus housing.

Contact Details

DISTED College

Yeap Chor Ee Campus
340, Macalister Road
10350 Georgetown
Pulau Pinang

Type: Private College

Tel: 604-229 6579
Fax: 604-226 6403

Student Testimonials

Christina Widjaja (Indonesia)

Diploma in Hospitality Business Management

“The DISTED hospitality curriculum is excellent and attractive as it combines both hospitality and business management, which is distinctively different from what is offered in other colleges that I know of.

It gives a wider career perspective encompassing both the service industry and the business sector."

Looi Kah Mei

Diploma in Hospitality Business Management

Diploma in Hospitality Business Management CGPA 3.84 / 4.0
“Apart from gaining industry-oriented knowledge, I had the opportunity to develop adeptness through practical coursework, industrial attachment and enrichment activities, all of which would give me an edge when joining the employment sector."    

Sharene Low

Staffordshire University Business Degree

Staffordshire University BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance First Class Honours
"I appreciate my lecturers very much for their dedication to teach well as long as the students are willing to learn.

They cared for my academic progress and exam performance, which encouraged me to strive for higher heights."

Carmen Ng Kah Mun

Diploma in Business Studies

Diploma in Business Studies CGPA 4.40 / 5.0
"I appreciate my lecturers very much for their dedication to teach well as long as the students are willing to learn.

They cared for my academic progress and exam performance, which encouraged me to strive for higher heights."

Teh Xian Zhi

South Australian Matriculation

SAM ATAR 99.60
"By teaching with enthusiasm and being ever helpful, DISTED SAM lecturers inspire students to strive harder academically.

The coursework component in SAM adds excitement to learning and is useful for developing academic skills and soft skills which are transferable to degree studies and working life.”

Cha Sieung (South Korea)

English Enrichment Programme

“It’s advantageous to learn English in Penang where the language is widely used. I had plenty of opportunities to practice spoken English in real life situations.

I had a good life with interesting cultural exposure in Penang apart from a marvellous study experience at DISTED."

Watchari Puechphol (Thailand)

English Enrichment Programme


“I took 3 months’ leave from work to attend the English course with the hope of being able to achieve IELTS Band 6 in order to take up PhD studies in human resources.

After completing the course, I returned to Thailand to sit for the IELTS exam and I did it with Band 6!

I’m thankful to all the English course lecturers who are dedicated and work hard to ensure the best learning outcomes for their students."

Low Zhi Chien

Diploma in Hospitality Business Management


Diploma in Hospitality Business Management CGPA 3.46/4.0
““The DISTED hospitality course is attractive as it combines both hospitality management and business skills.

It broadens my learning perspective and grooms me for the service industry as well as the business sector and entrepreneurship."

Lee Yi Ting

Diploma in Business Studies


Diploma in Business Studies CGPA 4.83/5.0
“The DISTED business studies programme has given me a broad outlook of managing a business enterprise as it covers all the key business operation areas.

The college has a nice and relaxing ambience with helpful lecturers and optimal class size for closer interaction among students and academic staff. This conducive environment has encouraged me to study well.”


Ong Lin Eow

South Australian Matriculation


SAM ATAR 99.00
“Having good and supportive lecturers gave me the encouragement to strive harder to excel in SAM.

To do well in SAM too requires putting in a lot of efforts for course assignments. I made the best use of the resources available in the college’s library and the internet as well as my own reading materials when completing the coursework."

Soon Wei Shyan

Cambridge A-Level


Cambridge A-Level  A*A*A*A*a
“At DISTED, I had the opportunity to complete the A-Level in just 1 year, leading to fast track entry into university besides cost savings.

I cherish my lecturers who are not only knowledgeable and experienced but also, friendly and fun, which makes learning more interesting,"


Fahima Thyiba (India)

Staffordshire University Business Degree


Sttafforshire University BA(Hons) Business Management
First Class Honours
“I prefer an excellent British business degree that is well-recognized internationally for job opportunities.

I’m grateful to my lecturers who were always there for me whenever I needed guidance and support."


Yeoh Chun Yoong

Staffordshire University Business Degree


Staffordshire University BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance
First Class Honours
“I managed to secure a job just 3 weeks after the final exams.

The Staffordshire University degree is well-recognized in the job market.Its accounting and finance curriculum is relevant for working in accountancy-related sectors.

I’m thankful to my supportive lecturers for their helpful guidance throughout my studies at DISTED."

Sabrena Gabriella Arosh

South Australian Matriculation (SAM)


South Australian Matriculation (SAM) ATAR 96.40
“DISTED SAM lecturers are competent and student-focused. They give their very best to help students understand lessons and be well-prepared for the exam.

SAM promotes a holistic and interesting learning style, and not just exam-oriented. In terms of time demand, it gave me leeway to enjoy life besides studying."

Ong Qi Jia

Cambridge A-Levels


Cambridge A-Levels A*A*A*A*a
"DISTED has an excellent teaching faculty for A-Level.

The lecturers are not only knowledgeable and experienced but also, caring and helpful."

Ng Pei Chuin

Diploma in Hospitality Business Management


Diploma in Hospitality Business Management CGPA 3.57 / 4.0
“The DISTED hospitality course is a good stepping stone for me to work in the service industry.

The college has a conducive learning environment with friendly and helpful lecturers."

Yvonne Lunga (Zimbabwe)

Diploma in Business Studies


Diploma in Business Studies CGPA 4.65 / 5.0
University of Tasmania Academic Prize Recipient

“Studying overseas is an adventure, and at DISTED, it was a very exciting one.

The lecturers are good and friendly. I could relate with them at a personal level.

The library is well-stocked with updated publications including online databases and e-books, which are useful for research assignments."

Cassandra Low Ju Yee

Cambridge A-Levels

Cambridge A-Levels A*A*A*A*a
“The Cambridge A-Level is challenging, academically stimulating and internationally recognized for university entry. 

If you’re up for the challenge of studying hard to acquire an exam-oriented rigorous grounding for tertiary studies without having to do lots of assignments, the Cambridge A-Level is the ideal choice.”  

Oh Wei Chern

South Australian Matriculation


SAM  TER 96.60
“I love my SAM lecturers as they’re awesome. They provide good guidance and are always eager to help students to learn more.

Coursework in SAM counts as it contributes to the overall grades. It also makes learning a fun and enriching experience."

Chin Da-Xing

Cambridge A-Levels


Cambridge A-Levels  AAAAa
“DISTED is well-established in running the Cambridge A-Level programme with very experienced lecturers.

Furthermore, the college offers a 1-year fast-track A-Level Science option that gives the advantage of earlier entry into university."

Tinevimbo Fanyanah Mashoko (Zimbabwe)

Diploma in Business Studies

Zimbabwe-Tinevimbo.jpg “I’ve had a positive experience particularly the exciting practical learning exposure in management and marketing.

Besides good learning facilities, the college is blessed with knowledgeable, friendly and helpful lecturers."

Arini Widhiasi (Indonesia)

Diploma in Computer Science and IT

“Adequate facilities, good learning resources and a well-structured curriculum make it worthwhile to study computer science at DISTED, which I’ll not hesitate to recommend it to others."

Jaimuk Alnahdi (Thailand)

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Thai-Jaimuk.jpg“I've had an exciting learning experience in hospitality management amidst a conducive campus environment."

Christine Chuah Ren Ai

Diploma in Computer Science and IT


Diploma in Computer Science & IT CGPA 3.94 / 4.0
“The course underscores practical learning through coursework which makes learning interesting and promotes a better understanding of computer science.

My computer science lecturers are good and knowledgeable. They’ve taught us well."

Mashal Riaz (Pakistan)

Staffordshire University Business Degree


Sttafforshire University BA(Hons) Marketing Management
First Class Honours
“I've had a fulfilling and worthwhile learning experience in Penang at DISTED.

The British business degree course is well-structured and well-managed for students to reap the benefits of an excellent education."

Amy Lim Hui Ying

Diploma in Business Studies


Diploma in Business Studies CGPA 4.74 / 5.0
“The business studies diploma course is challenging and interesting as it covers all the fundamental areas of business.

This also helps us to choose our degree majors wisely according to interest and aptitude.

The library has relevant print and online references to support us well in doing assignments and research."

Tan Jay Win

South Australian Matriculation


SAM TER 97.65
“I preferred SAM for its flexible assessment system comprising coursework and examination.

DISTED has committed and helpful lecturers. They teach well and give students lots of exercises."


Ng Yon Hon

Cambridge A-Levels


Cambridge A-Level Science
5 straight As
Top in the World in AS Mathematics Paper

“DISTED offers a 1-year A-Level Science programme that gives me the opportunity of faster entry into university.

Its library has useful references and is very conducive for studying. It also has good computing facilities for us to surf for academic information."

Rowena Leonie Gunawan (Indonesia)

Bachelor of Commerce

Indon-Rowena-Gunawan.jpg “I’m proud to graduate with distinction, which resulted from my working hard in assignments and studying seriously for exams.

Also, DISTED has given me a high standard of education with helpful lecturers."

Thomas Kerschbaumer (Italy)

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Italy-Thomas-Kerschbaumer.jpg "The hospitality course fits my need for professional enrichment in hospitality management.

I've chosen to study the course in Penang, instead of in Europe, because I would like to enhance my eastern cultural experiences too."


Jiang Aiyu (China)

Certificate in Intensive English

"I’ve improved my English by leaps and bounds, thanks to the great coaching skills of DISTED lecturers and their mentoring.

The college’s English programme, with emphasis on professional and commercial purposes, is relevant for the workplace in China especially that related to international trading."

Wang Jing and Bai Lu (China)

Diploma in Business Studies

China-Wang-Jing-and-Bai-Lu.jpg Wang Jing: "DISTED has a good study environment with experienced lecturers.

The coursework that required us to do a small business was exciting as it gave me my first experience in running a business."

Bai Lu:
"Through its business diploma, DISTED provides me a favourable and cost-saving credit transfer route to an Australian business degree.

I’ll remember the friendly and helpful lecturers of the college."

Lim Hean Soon

Diploma in Computer Science & IT


Diploma in Computer Science & IT CGPA 3.52 / 4.0
“I took up computer science as I'm interested in programming which is fascinating and challenging.

I thank my lecturers for their commitment and valuable guidance.

DISTED provides good library and computing facilities that help us to do well in our coursework."

Alicia Lim Jia Ping

Diploma in Business Studies


Diploma in Business Studies CGPA 4.83 / 5.0
“The Diploma in Business Studies is excellent as it provides a broad-based business education.

Its wide range of subjects prepare students for a variety of career opportunities including accountancy, marketing, management and human resource."

Joycelyn Ch’ng Li Ern

South Australian Matriculation


SAM TER 95.75

“SAM, with its practical approach to learning, gave me an exciting and well-rounded educational experience in developing academic capabilities, soft skills and social skills.

DISTED has good lecturers who teach well and provide students with useful lesson notes."

Chee Beng Tatt

Cambridge A-Levels


Cambridge A-Levels 5 straight As
Top in Malaysia in General Paper

"The fast track 1-year Cambridge A-Level Science programme at DISTED has given me the edge to enter the university earlier.

DISTED has competent and helpful lecturers.

Its science labs are well-equipped for individual hands-on experience to enhance our practical skills."

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