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Institution Profile

EMS Language Centre

Background of Institution

EMS Language Centre is a professional educational institution which is established in 2002, located in central district of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have been offering the highest quality English courses and university consulting services to students with various nationalities for more than a decade. Our main target is international students, who from different parts of the world.


To be the preferred language teaching organization in Malaysia and South East Asia by 2016.


  1. To provide quality language education with reliability allowing students to achieve their academic goals.
  2. To be a competitive and progressive language teaching organization aiming to maintain a creative and organized work flow.
  3. To be an affordable language teaching organization that strives to provide effective and efficient language education
  4. to share prosperity with Shareholders, Employees and Associates.

EMS key values

  • Professionalism: To have the competence, skill, good judgment and polite behavior in the workplace.
  • Team Synergy: The teams operations complement and leverage each other strengths and produce results beyond what they could achieve individually.
  • Innovation: To collaborate and produce new and advanced approaches for better solutions and keep leadership in change, simultaneously.
  • Accountability: Obligations of each staff and department to account for their activities, accept responsibilities for them and to disclose the results in a transparent manner.
  • Excellence: To surpass ordinary standards and display superiority.

Academic strengths

  1. TESOL certified: Our instructors are TESOL certified and are experienced in teaching English as a second/ foreign language.
    They are dedicated and determined to create an energetic and creative learning environment for the students in order to achieve effective learning.
  2. Effective teaching: Internationally recognized teaching material for effective learning experience. Learning through various activities such as crossword puzzles, role-play, conversational activity, skimming and scanning games etc. To enhance critical thinking and analytical skills to encourage students to think out of the box.
  3. Effective learning: Learning according to their level of proficiency.
    Small classes where students will have full attention of the instructors. Extra guidance where they can discuss with the tutor the problems they encounter and find the solutions together.
  4. IELTS Preparation: Prepare students to meet the English proficiency required at tertiary education worldwide. At Level 10 of our course, the proficiency of students will be equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 511-529.

Academic Pathway

After studying at EMS you improve your chance of entry into College and university. Our professional and impartial staff will ensure that EMS students, can gain entry into either Foundation level (upon completion of Level 8) or BSC, MSC level (upon completion of Level 10) EMS has been acknowledged and accredited as a prestigious learning centre by the following universities in Malaysia, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Programs outline

EMS Language Centre

Intensive General English (IGE)

  1. 120 hours of classroom time a month;
  2. Semi-private classes (6-8 students);
  3. Intensive focus on all skills i.e. speaking, listening, reading, and writing;
  4. Designed for students who want a combination of general, academic, and professional English
  5. More exposure to English in a highly communicative and fun environment;
  6. Maximum contact hours with certified instructors.

Intensive Business English (IBE)

English in the workplace is highly important and at EMS our tutors will assist you to gain advantage over others by teaching you the most crucial components of workplace English.

With the EMS IBE program

- You are provided with a multi-cultural and professional environment to create a real-life business setting.
- You are given hi-tech teaching aids to enhance the Business English learning experience.
- You are provided with specialized supplementary materials to give you a cutting edge in the business language front.
- You will focus on the four communication skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking with emphasis on:

  1. Telephone etiquette
  2. Socializing while at work
  3. Writing emails and formal letters
  4. Chairing and participating in meetings
  5. Negotiating
  6. Giving presentations
  7. Chart analysis

IBE is a 4-week program, 4 hours a week covering the main components. Customized classes cater client as individual needs are also available and run for 4 week.

EMS Language Centre

IELTS Preparation

  1. 12 hours per week of IELTS preparation (Total of 48 hours/month);
  2. Small group tuition (6-8 students);
  3. Expert advice on how to prepare for the test;
  4. All skills development; including academic writing, listening/note-taking, communication skills, academic English, reading and critical thinking, learning skills, grammar for academic purposes, and vocabulary for academic purposes;
  5. Simulated exam practice and feedback
  6. Free study materials

Extra Learning Activities (ELA)

  1. An ongoing all-interactive and fun class for new and existing students wishing to learn English using a different method. Students wishing to enroll will learn at their own pace and convenience;
  2. Movie sessions in class and then discussion based classes to follow, vocabulary practice and an introduction to colloquialism;
  3. Songs to enhance listening skills;
  4. Role-play for situations;
  5. Vocabulary based lessons;
  6. Situation based grammar lessons with role-play;
  7. Specific writing tips for real life writing

The contract signed between EMS Language Centre and different universities and private colleges such as Limkokwing university, Segi university, A.P.U and etc., which allow us to give the students different opportunities of applying into different level of degree such as Diploma, bachelors, and postgraduate programs for different courses like management, Engineering, Information Systems and so on, also a lot of transferred and dual awarded program from UK such as University of Greenwich, Cardiff University, University of Sunderland, Staffordshire University, Birmingham, Glasgow University or from USA like Arkansas state university and so on.

As we in EMS believe that having the right guidance in achieving your degree is very important in achieving your dream and we will strive to make sure you achieve your dream. Please feel free to contact our professional consultation group to get more information regarding the available prestige universities and start making your future.

Academic facilities and resources

EMS Language Centre

A) Bank Accounts

There are a number of banks in Malaysia and students are welcome to open accounts. EMS student advisors will help you to open a bank account.

B) Insurance

This is compulsory for all international students, as Malaysian law requires it. Our advisors will help you with any claims that you may need to make. Insurance fees are added to your tuition fees.

C) On Arrival

EMS representatives will be available to assist you with immigration clearance procedures. We will also be picking you up and providing you with transport to your accommodation.

D) Our Impartial Advice and Guidance

Our student advisors are always at hand for a chat. You can discuss issues relating to academic, health, visa or any other matters.

E) Student Activities

At EMS we know that learning a language is not just a classroom based experience. Our advisors have created "A ˜Cool Friday" once a month. We also have fun filled activities during the month and class excursions that will help you practice the language.

F) University Pathway Counceling

EMS counselors are well acquainted with the full range of reputed universities and colleges across the region and around the globe. Counselors will be delighted to match you to the correct university program, they will also handle your application process including communicating with the college/university selected.

G) Visa Issues

EMS understands that getting a visa can be a difficult experience; at EMS, our advisors will assist in compiling all your documents as well as contacting immigration authorities on your behalf.

H) Accomodation

Kuala Lumpur has great accommodation on offer. Our friendly student services staff can assist students by helping them to look for a suitable accommodation at affordable rates and with all the necessary facilities.

Accommodation needs are based on location and student budgets, all these needs can be discussed with the student services staff.

For your information, there are two types of accommodation available Standard and Premium.
Both types are conveniently located minutes from EMS so that students can travel with ease.

All facilities are made available and students can enjoy luxurious city living. Studio living and shared living is available. Available for both long and short-term letting. Standard rates are at USD 250 onwards a month while Premium rates range from USD 400 onwards.

I) EMS Summer Camp

Every year, especially during the summer season, Malaysia, a country located in the South East Asia welcomes many tourists and students from many diverse parts of the world. Being a multi-cultural and English speaking country, has made Malaysia a great destination for students to improve their English.

EMS Language Centre has been in the educational industry for more than a decade. A team of professional experts, experienced and native, qualified and certified teachers have gathered from different nationalities to create a wonderful and unforgettable environment for students with variety of cultures and backgrounds.

Every year, during the summer season, EMS Language Centre warmly welcomes students from different parts of the world such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and etc. Multi-cultural text materials, along with multi-national students and teachers, enable students to learn and enjoy a high quality education to best suit their future language needs and career opportunities.

Contact Details

EMS Language Centre

B-7-2, B-7-3, Block B (Unit1-5),
Megan Avenue 2, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan

Type: Private College

Tel: 03-2181 1219

Location Map

Key Personnel

Mr. Gopinathan Saminathan

Principal , EMS Language Centre

Mission in Life

Mr. Gopinathan Saminathan mission in life is based on ‘lifelong learning’. Since embarking to the educational industry since the year 2003, it has only made it stronger to discipline himself towards making it a goal in life. Through this way he feels he is able to contribute back to society. The same way Mahathma Ghandhi “change is what the world want to see in you”, he believes in seeing every individual adopt this to ensure that society as a whole will move towards the right direction all the time on every aspect in life.

Contributions to the Institution

Mr. Gopi has been working since the 1984 and started his career in the banking industry until early 2003 and continued his career in the education industry since the year 2003 to present. He feels it’s a calling for change. It was totally a different industry, but his passion for the industry made him learn extremely quick to him.

As a principal since 2012, he carries with him a very heavy responsibility to ensure all compliance and regulations that governs the operating license from the ministry of Education and the foreign student recruitment license from the Ministry of Home Affairs (immigration Section). He has contributed well with the assistance of other personals’ of the institutions and most importantly students and the parents are happy with the institutions product and services.

Contribution to the Education Industry

Prior to working in the education industry, he carries with him 20 years of organizational, operational and management experience. He started his career in the education industry since 2003, working with 2 other colleges and a language centre in various capacities such as marketing, academic/lecturing, international student management and student Affairs. Apart from this he is also contributing via skills development programs as a qualified vocational trainer office (VTO) under the Human Resources Ministry and a qualified Trainer under the British Technology Education (BTEC), U.K.