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Institution Profile

Our History

Established in June 1994, the Sarawak Skills Development Centre is a training and education provider supported by the state government through the provision of infrastructure and an annual operating grant and the backing of the federal government that provides student grants and loans.

The industry plays a leading role in managing and determining the direction of the centre, through its representatives in the Management Council. Sarawak Skills has 71 members, comprising companies from the electronics, electrical, energy, oil and gas, educational, timber and wood-based, property, municipal services, manufacturing, telecommunications, and service industries. We are also a member of the Federation of Malaysian Skills Development Centres (FMSDC).

Sarawak Skills is the preferred provider of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for industrial workers and school leavers in Sarawak. Its growth for the past twenty-five years has seen the establishment of branch campuses in Miri, Mukah and its subsidiaries – the International College of Advanced Technology Sarawak (i-CATS), Automotive and Welding Institute of Sarawak (AWISAR), Sarawak Electrical Industry Training Institute (SEITI), and Sarawak Agriculture Vocational Training Institute (SAVTI).


A Leader in Industrial Education & Training


To provide technical-based education and training through the use of content-based and technological-centric solutions resulting in competent workforce development

Corporate Milestones

  • Approved Training Centre for Centre of Excellence in Technology (COET) – National Empowerment in Certification and Training for Next Generation Workers (NECT-Gen – Industry 4.0).
  • Approved International Accredited Centre by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) for Diploma in Computer System.
  • Winner of Human Resources Development Award 2015 (Training Provider Category) by Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia.
  • Main organizer of the World Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Conference 2015 in collaboration with the International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA) and the Sarawak State Government.
  • More than 61,000 graduates since 1994.
  • 16 programmes with 5-Star and 4-Star Rating from the Department of Skills Development Malaysia (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran).
  • Employability rate of 90% within 6 months after graduation.
  • Strong support from Sarawak Skills’s Members, comprising 69 members from various industries.
  • Collaboration with international and local learning institutions.
  • Appointed Private Vocational College by Ministry of Education.
  • Main organizer of the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Symposium 2019.
  • Winner of Chief Minister’s Industry Excellence Awards 2019 (Sarawak Business Federation Recognition Award).
  • Approved training provider for HDRF SME Skills Scheme in Sarawak.
  • Received Gold Award for Successfully Completing Annual Quality Environment Challenge 2020 for Sarawak Skills.
  • Launch of Industry Talks in December 2020.
  • Launch of i-CATS University College on 8 March 2021.
  • Received Gold Award for Successfully Completing Annual Quality Environment Challenge 2021 for i-CATS University College.
  • Malaysia Education & TVET Awards 2022: Best TVET Training Provider (Industrial Training).
  • Contribution to HR Community Award 2022 (part of the Asia HRD Awards 2022) Presented to Mr. Hallman bin Sabri Executive Director, Sarawak Skills.


Talent Development, Our Commitment

Quality Policy

“The Management of Sarawak Skills is committed in its quest for excellence in industrial education and training services to meet customers’ expectations.”

Quality Objectives

  • To achieve 80% success in terms of training proposals submitted to prospective clients.
  • To achieve a passing rate of 90% for Academic Programmes.
  • To achieve a passing rate of 87% for TVET Programmes.
  • To address and take corrective action on at least 90% of reported facility breakdown(s).
  • To enhance staff effectiveness and competencies by providing appropriate training: at least 2 man-days a year for non-teaching staff and at least 4 man-days a year for teaching staff.
  • To achieve 85% graduate employability 6 months after graduation.
  • To ensure that 85% of PTPTN applicants secure PTPTN loan(s).
  • To ensure full utilization (100%) of government training grant(s).
  • To achieve 85% for “Graduate on Time” (students from Academic Programmes).

Courses Offered

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TVET/Skills qualification in Malaysia
Desktop Publishing (PR-024-2:2012)
Fees (Local): 5,000
Duration: 6 bulan
Operasi Sistem Komputer (IT-020-3:2013)
Fees (Local): 7,500
Duration: 12 bulan
Pelukisan Pelan Mekanikal (Mechanical Draughtsman) (MC-080-3:2013 )
Fees (Local): 8,800
Duration: 12 bulan
Pemasangan & Penyelenggaraan Elektrik - Satu Fasa (F432-005-2:2019)
Fees (Local): 9,300
Duration: 12 bulan
Pemasangan & Penyelenggaraan Elektrik - Tiga Fasa (F432-005-3:2019)
Fees (Local): 10,300
Duration: 12 bulan (3 Bulan OJT)
Pemasangan & Troubleshooting Peralatan Elektronik (Electronic Equipment & Appliances Installation & Troubleshooting) (EE-021-2:2012)
Fees (Local): 5,950
Duration: 12 bulan
Pemasangan Sistem Kejuruteraan Automasi Industri (MC-091-3:2016)
Fees (Local): 10,600
Duration: 12 bulan
Pembangunan Produk Elektronik (Electronic Product Development) (EE-021-4:2012)
Fees (Local): 10,000
Duration: 15 bulan
Pembuatan Pakaian Wanita (Ladies Garment Making) (C141-005-2: 2021)
Fees (Local): 7,800
Duration: 12 bulan
Pengurusan Operasi Percetakan (PR-020-4:2014)
Fees (Local): 11,700
Duration: 15 bulan (3 Bulan OJT)
Pengurusan Teknologi Kimpalan (MC-024-4:2012)
Fees (Local): 9,000
Duration: 15 bulan
Pentadbiran Pejabat (N821-001-3:2020)
Fees (Local): 12,400
Duration: 24 bulan (3 Bulan OJT)
Pentadbiran Sistem Komputer (IT-020-4:2013)
Fees (Local): 11,700
Duration: 15 bulan (3 Bulan OJT)
Pentadbiran Sistem Maklumat (FB-081-4:2012)
Fees (Local): 9,300
Duration: 15 bulan (3 Bulan OJT)
Penyelia Pemasangan & Penyelenggaraan HVAC (ME-020-3:2012)
Fees (Local): 10,400
Duration: 12 bulan
Penyeliaan & Operasi Penanaman Kelapa Sawit (RB-081-3:2012)
Fees (Local): 8,750
Duration: 15 bulan
Peralatan Penyaman Udara HVAC-Satu Fasa (Pemasangan, Servis, Troubleshooting & Pembaikpulihan)(ME-020-2:2012)
Fees (Local): 8,375
Duration: 8 bulan
Perkhidmatan Kejuruteraan Automasi Industri (MC-091-2:2016)
Fees (Local): 6,875
Duration: 6 bulan
Perkhidmatan Pembaikan - Kenderaan Ringan (G452-002-2:2018)
Fees (Local): 9,500
Duration: 12 bulan
Proses Kimpalan Arka Kepingan Logam (MC-024-3:2012)
Fees (Local): 17,000
Duration: 18 bulan
Rekaan Grafik (PR-024-3:2012)
Fees (Local): 7,700
Duration: 12 bulan
Selepas Jualan - Operasi Service (G452-002-4:2017)
Fees (Local): 7,500
Duration: 15 bulan
Service Diagnostik (G452-0023:2018)
Fees (Local): 7,500
Duration: 12 bulan
Sokongan Sistem Kejuruteraan Automasi Industri (MC-091-4:2016)
Fees (Local): 13,000
Duration: 15 bulan (4 Bulan OJT)
Troubleshooting, Pembaikpulihan & Penyelenggaraan Peralatan Elektronik (Electronic Equipment Troubleshooting Repair & Maintenance) (EE-021-3:2012 )
Fees (Local): 8,300
Duration: 12 bulan

Contact Details

Sarawak Skills

Pusat Pembangunan Kemahiran Sarawak (PPKS),
Jalan Canna, Off Jalan Wan Alwi, Tabuan Jaya,
93350 Kuching

Type: Skills Training Providers (JPK)


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