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Tan Chong Technical Institute (TCTECH)

Tan Chong Technical Institute (TCTECH)

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Institution Profile

Background of Institution

Tan Chong Technical Institute (TCTECH)

Tan Chong Technical Institute (TCTECH) is an approved centre that provides automotive and many other skill-based vocational programmes with local and foreign accredited qualifications. TCTECH is an academic brand of Tan Chong Education Services Sendirian Berhad (TCEDU).There are four centres in Petaling Jaya, Penang, Kota Bharu and Sandakan.

Our main thrust is to train quality and skillful workers to support the growth of the country and the region. We have structured programmes to support and help young teenagers get on to the right career pathway.

TCTECH also assists working adults to convert their skills and experience to a recognised qualification awarded by the Department of Skills Development (JPK) and Great Britain College Consortium (GBCC). These skills may cover various sectors and sub-sectors in the industry, for example, accounting, office management and administration, human resource management, travel services and automotive.

Our aim is to become a quality regional polytechnic that trains vertical skills and "hands-on" knowledge in the areas of automotive, business, grooming and environmental working skills.


To inspire and lead constructive, pragmatic change: Be the knowledge friend that brings deep practical knowledge, diverse skills and critical perspectives that have real impact in your daily working life:
Give credit where credit is due.


We are your knowledge-transfer partner between key country's industrial wants and academic needs.


2011 Establishment of Penang and PJ centres
2012 Establishment of Sandakan centre
2013 Establishment of Kota Bharu centre
2013 Ms Adeline Rossi, Auto C&G student, won the C&G Medal of Excellence
2013 & 2014 4 Star rating by JPK
2014 MOU with HRDF on Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) with Great Britain College Consortium (GBCC)

Academic Strengths

Strength of Academic Team

Tan Chong Technical Institute (TCTECH)

Our academic team members comprises trainers who have the necessary work experience in the industry besides having  received rigorous training in teaching pedagogy and quality delivery of learning modules. We also have industry experts from our pool of qualified management and staff within Tan Chong Group to act as mentors and coaches to our learners. Our classes are enhanced with guest trainers and speakers on updated issues in the industry.

Course Curriculum & Student Outcomes

All course curricula are compliant with JPK, C&G, and BTEC; and are industry endorsed.

Producing Employable Graduates

TCTECH graduates are given a job placement advantage within the Tan Chong Group when they graduate.

Industry Relevant

Students pursuing different fields at TCTECH will receive on-job-training at companies within the Tan Chong Group which has all the relevant subsidiaries for students to apply their knowledge, for example, GroomExp, Mayflower, TC Euro Cars, TC Express Car Service, MUV and many others.

Academic Board

TCTECH has an Academic Board that oversees its academic quality and ensures high standards of training and learning. The Academic Board is comprised of prominent academic personnel, industry experts, TCTECH alumni, key management personnel of TCTECH, representatives from government, and external examining bodies like BTEC and JPK. The Board convenes twice a year to address and make critical academic decisions.

Programme Outline

TCTECH Homegrown Training Programmes

Tan Chong Technical Institute (TCTECH)

Areas of Training:  Automotive, Sales & Marketing, Front Office and Housekeeping, and Hairdressing & Grooming

These programmes will be rolled out in 2015 and are designed to meet and address critical learning gaps that exist in today's graduates. Learners will appreciate the shorter duration and more affordable course fees. All the programmes are conducted for a duration of 9 to 14 months only, and all programmes include on-job-training. These programmes are industry recognised and are conducted in English by industry experts. Besides receiving a TCTECH Advanced Technology Certificate upon completion of the programme, students will also receive recognition from City & Guilds, UK.  Learning is delivered face to face, with the use of on-line learning tools, practical assignments and project based learning.  Learners will be exposed to up-to-date technology and requirements of the industry to succeed in their careers.

Learners who enrol in the TCTECH training programmes will get first priority to offers of employment within the Tan Chong Group. Qualified learners may apply for TCTECH scholarships and bursaries. 

Automotive Studies

Our automotive students work with experts in industry-simulated workshops. With over 95 service centres throughout Malaysia, students will gain industry relevant training as well as job opportunities.

Sales & Marketing

This programme will enhance your marketing and sales employment prospects in a wide range of industries. Students will receive a thorough understanding of the basic principles of marketing, the motivations of customers, and the use of strategic marketing tools and research, including internet entrepreneurship.

Cosmetology (Hairdressing and Grooming)

Learn from the experts to become the beauty expert that customers recommend. Our trainers are reputable and have acted as hair and image design consultants. Tan Chong's strong affiliate with Shiseido gives students a competitive edge and reputation.


The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the constant expansion of hotel chains, hospitality graduates are always in demand. The Front Office and Housekeeping programmes with electives in Ticketing, Tour Guide and Culinary Skills will train you in the basics of the hospitality industry and become your stepping stone to what will be an exciting career.

Alternative Energy (to be offered in 2015)

Environmental sustainability has made smart resource management crucial and has increased the need to harness alternative energy. This programme will provide you with an understanding of key issues in energy sources and consumption, the management strategies for natural resources, and the best way for alternative energy to be channeled and utilised.

Partner universities/International links

TCTECH has many partnerships with external organisations at the global, national and local levels. These collaborations include programme development, and an exchange of ideas about curriculum, assessment methods and best practices in teaching and learning. TCTECH currently has international links with these organisations:

  • University of Surabaya, Indonesia
  • BTEC, UK
  • LCCI, UK
  • Great Britain College Consortium, UK
  • Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing/ Management, Canada

Academic Facilities & Resources

Every centre has lecture rooms, practical areas, a resource room, and a recreation area for students.

Student Support Services & Student Development Activities for Graduate Employability

There are sales counsellors and student affairs officers who provide counselling services to students.  TCTECH Career Days are organised bi-monthly. Job placements within Tan Chong Group is extended to almost every TCTECH graduate.

Outline of Scholarships/Financial Aid

  • PerbadananTabung Pembangunan Kemahiran
  • Tan Chong Capital Resources (TCCR)
  • TCTECH Scholarship & Bursary
  • 36-months interest-free installment package

Recognition & Achievements

TCTECH is an accredited centre for JPK, City & Guilds, BTEC, and LCCI. It received the City & Guilds Medal of Excellence in 2013.

Contact Details

Tan Chong Technical Institute (TCTECH)

TCTECH Petaling Jaya
Lot 9, Jalan Kemajuan 12/18,
46200 Petaling Jaya

Type: Skills Training Providers (JPK)

Tel: +603-7954 1628
Fax: +603-7954 1627
Website: http://www.tanchonggroup.com
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