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Institution Profile


tpm.jpg TPM College is a tertiary institution with a vision to fuel the new knowledge economy with skilled technopreneurs. Located within the 688-acre Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) and surrounded by hills and lush greenery, TPM College is a subsidiary of Technology Park Malaysia, a corporate body that is wholly owned by the Minister of Finance Incorporated, Malaysia, and operates under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Registered with the Ministry of Higher Education, TPM College (Reg. No. W4PW007) was among the first tertiary institutions in the country that supported the Malaysian government's move towards increasing the number of qualified and professional technopreneurs. TPM College is committed to contributing towards the country's growth and development in advanced technology. At present, TPM College focuses on life sciences-and engineering-related diploma and degree programmes to develop human capital in line with government's aspirations towards Vision 2020.

TPM College was officially launched on 24 April 2003 by Tun Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi, Malaysia's fifth Prime Minister. Although the institution is young, it is confident that it has what it takes to gradually develop to be among the best tertiary institutions in the country. Among its initiatives is continued collaboration with a number of renowned international universities to offer high quality academic programmes.

What Makes Us Special?

Sharing its grounds with over 100 tenants of science and technology organisations as well as entrepreneurs within the state-of-the-art infrastructure of TPM, TPM College enables students to mingle with professionals in the real world while observing actual research and commercial projects.

Three-month industrial placement with various companies is provided for diploma students. Degree students are also required to undergo internship while studying in the US and students can legally extend the three months' attachment for an additional year upon graduation.

Academic Programme Outline

tpm4.jpg TPM College offers diploma and degree programmes, including twinning degree programmes (2+2 and 3+0) with prestigious universities in the United States and Australia and has ongoing collaboration with universities in the United Kingdom. All academic programmes are approved and accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Twinning Degree Programmes
2+2 Twinning Degree Programmes in collaboration with California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, USA (also known as Cal Poly Pomona) :

  • Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology KPT/JPS(A1760)12/14
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering KPT/JPS(A4785)01/15
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration KPT/JPS(A1782)01/1

3+0 Twinning Degree Programmes in collaboration with University of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia :

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science KPT/JPS (PA 11268) 02/16
  • Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) KPT/JPS (MQA/PA 0015) 01/1

Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma in Biotechnology KPT/JPS(A6804)03/16
  • Diploma in Biomedical Science KPT/JPS(PA9185)08/14
  • Diploma in Business Studies KPT/JPS(A6724)02/14
  • Diploma in Corporate Communications KPT/JPS(A5672)03/15
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering KPT/JPS(A7588)04/12
  • Diploma in Manufacturing Technology (CNC) KPT/JPS(A6388)11/1

Foundation Programmes

  • Foundation in Science KPT/JPS (PA 10089) 12/14
  • Foundation in Business and Commerce KPT/JPS (PA 10088) 08/1

English proficiency courses are available to prepare students entering degree programmes.

Academic Facilities & Resources

tpm3.jpg Our desire to provide a conducive and productive learning environment is highly visible in the amenities provided within the campus grounds. Our campus facilities include :

Comfortable & Air-conditioned Classrooms with Audio Visual Facilities
Students have access to more than 20 classrooms within the same building. All are air-conditioned and equipped with audio visual facilities to make teaching and learning an enjoyable experience.

Well-equipped Computer & Science Labs
Supporting all courses at TPM College are highly structured computing facilities, which include two computer laboratories designed for teaching and training. Two other multimedia laboratories with 120 computers are available for student's daily use.

In addition, TPM College has one of the newest biotechnology laboratories in the country. For learning purposes, students are provided with state-of-the-art teaching laboratories. Furthermore, students may also utilise Technology Park Malaysia's research laboratories whenever they work hand in hand with field researchers and scientists. The laboratories are :

  • Tissue Culture Research laboratory
  • Biochemistry laboratory
  • Microbiology laboratory
  • Molecular Biology and Genetic laboratories
  • Bioprocessing laboratory
  • Pharmacology laborator

Comprehensive Engineering Workshops
Engineering workshops are available for CNC Machining, Robotics, Pneumatic, Hydraulics and others. It is known that these laboratories have the most advanced equipment producing moulding materials and processing activities.

Additional Facilities & Services

  • Digital and conventional library
  • Seminar and meeting rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Surau (prayer room)
  • Gymnasium
  • Sports and recreation area
  • Private clinic
  • Indoor and outdoor cafes and food courts
  • Maybank
  • Student Union
  • Convenience store
  • 24 hour security service

Student Accommodation

Located within a walking distance from the college building, our on-campus hostel has 110 rooms and is able to accommodate approximately 220 students. Placements are on a first-come, first-served basis. All rooms are twin-sharing, well ventilated, and furnished with the necessities below :

  • single beds with mattresses
  • pillows
  • cupboards
  • study tables with chair

Outstation and international students are placed at our off-campus accommodation which is located nearby. Supervised by a Resident Manager, the accommodation consists of 15 units. Each unit has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen.

Student Support Services & Student Development Activities

An orientation programme is organised to help new cohorts feel at home quickly, make new friends and deal with initial difficulties. Counseling services are provided to help students with personal, financial or academic issues. Free and confidential guidance is given on a wide range of matters.

Financial Aid

Financial aid from MARA, PTPTN, FELCRA, Yayasan Negeri and other institutions are available to eligible students. These scholarships or loans are subject to approval by the respective institutions.

International Recognition, Achievement & Partnership

TPM COLLEGE aims to be a leader in research and development as well as education and training, building technopreneurship and facilitating indigenous technology development.

Contact Details

TPM College

Technology Park Malaysia
Bukit Jalil
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan

Type: Private College

Tel: 603-8998 5001 / 03-8998 5003
Fax: 603-8998 4082

Location Map

Key Personnel

Ms. Shaliza Sabtu

Chief Operating Officer , TPM College

Ms. Shaliza obtained her undergraduate degree from Saitama University, Japan in Electronics Engineering. She later pursued her MBA in entrepreneurship from the University of Bath, England. She started her career as an engineer for and moved on after three years to be an investment analyst with Permodalan Nasional Berhad. She subsequently joined the management group of Technology Park Malaysia and has been with the company since.

Ms. Shaliza ventured into the education industry in 2007 and has since started to develop a strong interest in it as she sees great potential for her to contribute to the enhancement of quality education. In addition, her involvement in education has provided her with vast opportunities to offer the true value of education to Malaysians.

As the COO of TPM College since 2007, Ms. Shaliza Sabtu plays a key role in reinforcing and building a new capacity for the college. In essence, she has built a strong platform for the college to be well developed in the near future. She is determined to make TPM College a highly recognised and respected organisation. The college will also focus on bridging the academic and industry to strengthen the nation's ability to achieve the government's vision of a high income economy and a developed country.

Student Testimonials

Chong Lei Mei, China

Bachelor of Science Biotechnology (2+2) 2 Years

Before I came to TPM College, I did not know much about this college. Now, after more than half a year, I am pursuing a degree in Biotechnology, which is a very good programme. Most of my lecturers are responsible. I am honoured that I am a student at TPM College. I have improved my English a lot.

Tracy Miao, China

Bachelor of Science Business Administration, (2+2) 2 Years

I’ve been here for half a year. It has been a great experience to study in TPM College as I make new friends and learn new cultures. TPM College provides essential needs for international students like me. There are good lectures and they take good care of students. Lecturers are patient and responsible. I’ve learnt a lot from TPM College, so I am glad to be here. I hope more students will come here in the future.