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Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) Shah Alam Campus

Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) Shah Alam Campus

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Institution Profile


UNISEL : A sustainable tomorrow
In a span of 13 years, UNISEL has undergone through several stages of development in its effort to produce graduates to meet national and international needs. Various initiatives have been outlined to make UNISEL a reputable university, not only with respect to the graduates it produces, but also through the involvement of its academic staff in research and innovation.

UNISEL is a private institution of higher learning registered on 24 August,1999. UNISEL offers more than just quality education. With over 87 diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate degree programmes in various fields, it is well placed to be a premier institution of higher learning with emphasis on catering to industry's requirements. State-of-the-art training, research and development facilities are the additional plus points for this emerging university to address the changing needs of faculty.

The sprawling campus in Bestari Jaya set amidst 1,000 acres of land houses the following faculties : Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Education and Social Sciences; and Faculty of Science and Biotechnology.

The Shah Alam Campus, strategically located in the city of Shah Alam, is supported by good infrastructure and facilities. It houses the following faculties and centres of excellence: Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Communication and Media, Faculty of Business, Centre for Business Development, Consultancy and Industrial Linkages, Centre for Foreign and International Studies and Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Rebranding of UNISEL

The name "Universiti Industri Selangor" was very appropriate when the university was formed. It was in response to a particular need, that is, that of its industries that were burgeoning in Selangor in particular and the country in general.

However, over time, the country and its economy evolved. The university too has evolved accordingly. It is now more comprehensive, offering programmes not just for industries but other stakeholders as well.

This development calls for a review of the name of the university, as well as its vision, mission and core values. While industries will continue to be important stakeholders, the university has embraced a more holistic approach in developing human potential.

The word "industri" is therefore superfluous. Henceforth the university was re-named "University Selangor". The word "Selangor" is retained to reflect to ownership of the university by the state.

The acronym UNISEL is also retained due to its branding recognition and value.

To be a renowned university that nurtures professionals and scholars with high moral and ethical values

UNISEL is committed to provide excellent and conducive learning environment to develop competent, upright and ethical professionals and scholars

Tagline Shaping Society


  • 1 university, 2 campuses
  • 40 – 80 minutes from KLIA Airport
  • Established in 1999
  • 8 + 5 faculties and centres
  • 87 programmes
  • >/ 11,000 students
  • International students from 35 countries
  • > 9,500 alumni
  • 800 academic and support staff
  • 3 intakes a year (Apr-May /June-July / Dec-Jan)

Faculties & Centre of Excellence

Bestari Jaya Campus
Bestari Jaya Campus is situated is about 60 km north of the Shah Alam Campus, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The campus is a sprawling 1,000 acres learning centre. The main campus accommodates four faculties and a centre.

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Science Computer and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Education and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Science and Biotechnology
  • IKMI – Institut Kajian Malaysia Indonesia

Shah Alam Campus
The UNISEL Shah Alam Campus houses four faculties and four centres :

  • Faculty of Business
  • Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Art and Design
  • Faculty of Communication and Media
  • Centre for Graduate Studies
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Centre for Research and Innovation

What Makes Us Special ?

  • State-owned university
  • Truly university campus
  • Quality programmes from 8 excellent faculties
  • Renowned academicians
  • Learning university
  • Meeting industrial needs
  • Focuses on career-oriented education
  • Living on campus
  • Good facilities
  • Affordable fees
  • Achievements in innovation

Programme Outline

Foundation Programmes

  • Foundation in Science KPT/JPS/(KR7950)/03/12
  • Foundation in Information Technology KPT/JPS/(R/482/3/0008)08/16
  • Foundation for B.Ed (TESL) KPT/JPS/(KR8366)/07/12
  • Foundation in Management KPT/JPS/(KR7795)/02/16

Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering KPT/JPS(R/523/4/0061)01/16
  • Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering KPT/JPS(R/521/4/0020)01/16
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering KPT/JPS(R/521/4/0021)01/16
  • Diploma in Business Management KPT/JPS(KR11334)06/15
  • Diploma in Accountancy KPT/JPS(KR11335)01/15
  • Diploma in Administrative Management KPT/JPS(R/345/4/0016)10/16
  • Diploma in Sports Industry Management KPT/JPS/(KA7646)05/12
  • Diploma in Communication and Media KPT/JPS(R/321/14/0030)12/16
  • Diploma in Information Technology KPT/JPS(R/213/4/0012)05/16
  • Diploma in Computer Science (Industrial Computing) KPT/JPS(R/481/4/0043)05/16
  • Diploma in Mobile Technology KPT/JPS(R/310/4/0002)05/16
  • Diploma Computer Application in Business KPT/JPS(R/482/6/0009)05/16
  • Diploma in Teaching English As Second Language KPT/JPS(KA7716)02/12
  • Diploma in Education (Pre-school Studies) KPT/JPS(R/143/4/0001)07/16
  • Diploma in Education (Islamic Studies) KPT/JPS(KA7855)09/12
  • Diploma in Library Science KPT/JPS(R/322/4/0003)10/16
  • Diploma in Biotechnology Industry KPT/JPS(KR9127)09/13
  • Diploma in Aquaculture KPT/JPS(KA7848)01/14
  • Diploma in Industrial Technology KPT/JPS(KA8894)06/13
  • Diploma in Biotechnology Industry KPT/JPS(KR9127)09/13
  • Diploma in Aquaculture KPT/JPS(KA7848)01/14
  • Diploma in Industrial Technology KPT/JPS(KA8894)06/13
  • Diploma in Medical Imaging KPT/JPS(R/725/4/0012)07/16
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy KPT/JPS(R/726/4/007)07/16
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology KPT/JPS(R/725/04/0011)07/16
  • Diploma in Environmental Health KPT/JPS(R/862/4/0006)07/16
  • Diploma in Nursing KPT/JPS(KA7153)11/15
  • Diploma in Digital Graphic and Design KPT/JPS(R/213/6/007)05/16
  • Diploma in Photography Technology KPT/JPS(KA7717)05/12

Bachelor Degree Programmes
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electronics KPT/JPS/(KR8484)09/12
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electrical KPT/JPS(KR8482)09/12
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical KPT/JPS(KR8481)09/12
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechatronics KPT/JPS(KR8485)09/12
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Civil KPT/JPS/(KR8483)09/12
  • Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons) KPT/JPS(KR10548)07/14
  • Bachelor of Finance (Hons) KPT/JPS(KR10584)07/14
  • Bachelor of Marketing (Hons) KPT/JPS/(KR10585)06/14
  • Bachelor of Business Management (Hons) KPT/JPS(KR11678)10/15
  • Bachelor of Industrial Management (Honours) KPT/JPS(R/345/60115)10/16
  • Bachelor of Human Resources Management (Honours) KPT/JPS(KA7911)10/12
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Hons.) KPT/JPS(KA7123)02/12
  • Bachelor of Occupational Safety & Health (Hons.) KPT/JPS/(KA7871)07/12
  • Bachelor of Communication (Hons.) (Journalism) KPT/JPS(KA8960)06/13
  • Bachelor in Communication (Hons.) (Instructional Communication & Design) KPT/JPS(KA8962)12/15
  • Bachelor of Communication (Hons.) (Corporate Communication) KPT/JPS(KA8961)09/13
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) KPT/JPS(R/482/6/0009)08/16
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) (Hons)KPT/JPS(KR11779)10/15
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) KPT/JPS(KR11778)12/15
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Supply Chain Management (Hons) KPT/JPS(KA7877)05/12
  • Bachelor of Multimedia Industry (Honours) KPT/JPS(KA7878)05/12
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Knowledge Management) (Honours) KPT/JPS(KA7678)09/12
  • Bachelor of Education (Hons) (Teaching English As Second Language) KPT/JPS(R/145/6/0013)08/16
  • Bachelor of English for Industries (Hons) KPT/JPS(KA8850)07/13
  • Bachelor of Industrial Psychology (Hons) KPT/JPS(KA7806)01/13
  • Bachelor of Library Science (Hons) KPT/JPS(N/322/6/0002)07/16
  • Bachelor of Education (Hons) (Early Childhood Education) KPT/JPS(N/143/6/0022)11/16
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) Mathematics with Statistics KPT/JPS(R/461.6/0001)11/16
  • Bachelor of Biotechnology Industry (Honours) KPT/JPS(KR9126)06/13
  • Bachelor of Bioinformatics (Hons) KPT/JPS(KR10587)06/14
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons) (Biodiversity & Conservation) KPT/JPS(KA9847)12/14
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Hons.) KPT/JPS(KA7123)03/12
  • Bachelor of Occupational Safety & Health (Hons.) KPT/JPS/(KA7871)07/12
  • Bachelor (Hons) in Digital Graphic Design KPT/JPS(R/213/6/0007)08/16

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Master in Engineering (By Research) KPT/JPS/(KA8964)10/13
  • Master of Science (Biotechnology) KPT/JPS(KR10586)06/14
  • Master of Business Administration KPT/JPS(KR10727)08/14
  • Master of Management (By Research) KPT/JPS(KA7398)02/12
  • Master of Computer Science (Software Engineering) KPT/JPS/(KA7879)/05/12
  • Master of Information Technology KPT/JPS(KA7880)08/11
  • Master in Education (Discipline Management) KPT/JPS(KR7794)12/11
  • Master in Education (Co-curriculum and Sport Management) KPT/JPS(KA7044)07/16
  • Master in Education (Education Management) KPT/JPS(KA7043)03/12
  • Master in Social Management KPT/JPS(KA8659)01/13
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education KPT/JPS(R/140/8/00010)01/15
  • Doctor of Education KPT/JPS(KA7045)08/11
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Education) KPT/JPS(KA8503)09/13
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Social Science KPT/JPS(KA8788)09/13
  • Doctor of Philosopy in Engineering (By Research) KPT/JPS(KA8965)10/13
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology KPT/JPS(KA5522)05/11
  • PhD in Management (By Research) KPT/JPS(KA7400)04/12

Recognition & Achievements

UNISEL has won many reputable innovation achievements / awards involving researchers, academicians and students. This includes :

  • Certificate from the 'Malaysian Book of Record' – Largest Flag using straws 2007
  • First & Second Place Logo Design Competition – for Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) 2007
  • Innovation Research Award in Public & Private University Sectors (AIPB) 2007
  • Selangor Young Scientist Award, 2007
  • Best Concrete Canoe – JPS Concrete Canoe Competition 2007
  • First Place on NANO Satellite Model Competition (CANSAT) (Design and Developing) 2007
  • First Place (Open Class CANSAT) and third place (Telemetry Category) for CANSAT Competitions World Varsity Championship in Madrid 2007
  • Third Place, Perodua Eco-Challege, RACE 2009
  • First Place, EiMaRACE (Education Innovation of Motorsports & Automotive Race), 2009
  • Second Place, Perodua Eco-Challege Race, 2010
  • First Place, EiMaRACE, (Formular Varsity Car Racing), 2010

Courses Offered

Click on a programme name for full details.

Pre-University/Foundation Studies
Foundation in Management
Duration: 1 Year
Diploma Level
Diploma in Accountancy
Duration: 2.5 Years
Diploma in Administrative Management
Duration: 3 Years
Diploma in Business Management
Duration: 2.5 Years
Diploma In Digital Graphic Design
Duration: 2.5 Years
Diploma in Environmental Health
Duration: 3 Years
Diploma in Medical Imaging
Duration: 3 Years
Diploma in Medical Laboratary Technology
Duration: 3 Yrs
Diploma in Nursing
Duration: 3 Years
Diploma In Photography Technology
Duration: 3 Years
Diploma in Physiotherapy
Duration: 3 Years
Diploma in Sports Industry Management
Duration: 2 Years
Masters Degree Level
Doctoral Degree (Ph.D) Level
Doctor Of Philosophy In Education
Duration: 2 Years
PhD in Management
Duration: 2 Years

Student Testimonials

Benjamin Mwendah, Kenya

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electronics, 4 Years

I find Malaysia reasonably competitive when compared to other countries in this region in terms of economy and environment. The reason I chose UNISEL is because the programmes offered at UNISEL is industry oriented and emphasizes on practical aspects, the essence of university education anywhere in the world. Furthermore, after completing my studies, I will use my experience to promote my country’s technological knowledge and elevate the standard of living.

Eric Kimathi Buantai, Nairobi, Kenya

Bachelor of Biotechnology Industry (Hons), 3 Years

Studying at Universiti Industri Selangor (UNISEL) is my best choice ever. UNISEL offers the programme of my dream - biotechnology and life sciences, which allows me to realise my dream of becoming a specialist in pharmacology and working in the pharmaceutical field. I would recommend UNISEL to my friends because the university is a state-owned university. As such, it is accredited and recognised by many countries. Furthermore, the fees are reasonable and affordable.

Contact Details

Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) Shah Alam Campus

Jalan Zirkon A7/A, Seksyen 7, Off Persiaran Masjid,
40000 Shah Alam

Type: Private University

Tel: 03-55137957
Fax: 603-5510 9277
Website: http://www.unisel.edu.my

Location Map

Other Campuses

Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) Bestari Jaya Campus

Bestari Jaya Campus
Jalan Timur Tambahan
45600 Bestari Jaya

Type: Private University

Tel: 603-3289 7336
Fax: 603-3289 7335
Website: https://www.unisel.edu.my
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