Overseas Institution Profile

Malaysia-France University Centre (MFUC)

About Us

The Malaysia-France University Centre (MFUC) is a bilateral institution, set on a government to government initiative in 2006. Its primary objective is to reinforce cooperation between France and Malaysia in the Higher Education and Research sectors.

In accordance with the Higher Education strategies of the two countries, the MFUC functions as an interface between the two education systems and facilitates the creation of partnerships (joint research, degree transfer, student exchanges or other) from pre-U to Doctorate level

We offer advisory services and assistance both to individuals interested in studying in France and to institutions looking for partnerships with French universities.

We assist students to:

  • achieve their ambition by identifying suitable programmes;
  • identify joint PhDs opportunities;
  • complete the registration process;
  • prepare their stay in France;
  • and facilitate their internship placements.

We assist universities to:

  • identify partners for their projects;
  • enter a dynamic network;
  • create twinning programmes;
  • benefit from successful experiences;
  • achieve inter-governmental degree recognition;
  • further enhance their academic resources.

Service Outline

The MFUC also aims at attaining mutual recognition of degrees by linking recognition boards in both countries.

And finally, the MFUC is dedicated to promoting the French higher education system and to assisting students interested in studying in France.