Some Key Personnels in the Malaysian Education Industry

Mr. Leong Sat Sing

Mr. Leong Sat Sing

IMPERIA International College

Mr. Leong Sat Sing was appointed the Principal of IMPERIA Institute of Technology in early 2011. He holds an MBA degree from Heriot-Watt University and a bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from University Malaya.

Mr. Leong has built his expertise and experience largely in the field of private higher education development and marketing for the past 25 years. He started off as a lecturer in a college in 1987, but was soon promoted as the college's Deputy Principal and actively drove the promotion and marketing of the institution. In 1993, he started the Marketing Department of INTI College then, and helped the enrolment of the group of colleges to its unprecedented peak in the 8 years of his service.

By 2001, Mr. Leong once again started a department at INTI College – The Education Consultancy Office – which functioned as an SBU of the college to drive franchising and collaboration with institutions abroad. After 5 years of this successful endeavour, he ventured into the training industry.

Mr. Leong was then engaged as a Training Director for a global manufacturing company, and spearheaded the approval of the licensing of the Training Centre. He had successfully organised and presented in various training programmes for the internal and external workforce.

Subsequently, Mr. Leong was called back to join INTI, then known as the INTI Laureate Group of Institutions in Malaysia, and headed the international sales and marketing for the Group. He continues to be strategic, insightful and resourceful in the marketing, development and growth of the private education industry.

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