Some Key Personnels in the Malaysian Education Industry

Niyousha Nikroushaldehi

Branch Manager
EMS English School

There are many reasons for learning English, so what’s yours? Whatever your goals, EMS English can help you improve your English Language skills to suit your individual needs preferences. Whether it is every day, academic or business English that you are after, and whichever age group you belong to, we have it all! EMS English gives you plenty of study options and schedules to allow you the flexibility of learning English at your convenience.

As a highly professional learning institute, EMS English is passionate about success. Indeed, EMS is a popular choice for a growing number of international and local students because we are committed to:

  • Upholding high PROFESSIONAL standards at all times
  • Being PASSIONATE in our commitments to students’ well-being and success
  • Having a POSITIVE impact on students’ future academic and career pathways

Whatever we do, we do it well and certainly, with our hearts and minds. We think of every possible way to meet the needs and goals of our students, designing each aspect of our services and English language courses to help you fulfil your individual dreams. Our goal is your success!

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Course Interest Test - Find out what course is right for you!