Some Key Personnels in the Malaysian Education Industry

Henz Gooi Hean Chye

Henz Gooi Hean Chye

Dasein Academy of Art

An impressive art career does not go BOOM! and happen overnight, aside from having talent, passion, skills, and ideas – a good artist needs to have good attitude and good character.

There are plenty of opportunities in art and design, leading to various career pathways. You may want to be part of the entertainment art industry that produces animated series, Netflix films or the popular mobile game everyone in town is playing. Or you may want to join the advertising industry and build brand awareness or visibility with cool product packaging, attractive posters, and billboards. Companies and brands need good, creative ideas all the time, it is a big and competitive market out there. You can pursue a solid career as a professional artist if you have talent, skill sets and dedication.

At Dasein Academy, we very much focus on artist’s character building – not just their academic performance or skills development. We firmly believe that every individual is unique, and every art created is different in ideology, style, expression, medium and more. We will not confine students into one norm - we do not mass-produce art students like a factory at the college.

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