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Wong Jin Min

Wong Jin Min

Principal of Claz’room College
Claz'room College

Wong Jin Min is a visionary creative arts expert with over 16 years of experience in the multimedia arts industry. He is the Co-founder and Principal of Claz’room College, which he formed at the age of 26. Today, Claz’room College is a full-fledged college that offers multimedia arts courses to students.

Jin Min has spent the majority of his career in education and the CG industry, understanding the needs of talent in the multimedia industry and providing excellent leadership to his colleagues. He started his career as a lecturer at a local college before progressing to become a 2D Illustrator and Concept Artist at Ozura and GameBrains Malaysia. In 2009, he ventured into starting Claz’room Production and successfully developed courses and syllabus matching industry demands, while emphasizing the importance of soft skill classes.

Jin Min's strong relationships with renowned industry players such as Bandai Namco, LemonSky Studio, Polygon Pictures, and StarHill Dining have enabled him to create a positive learning environment for his students. His exceptional skills and leadership were recognized when he was invited to a Caricature Arts presentation for HRH Tuanku Muhriz, Yang Di Pertuan Negeri Sembilan, during a charity event.


He has won numerous accolades over the years, including the Gold Award International Art Exhibition by China International Exhibition Agency, first prize in Malaysian Culture by Alpha Colour, and the Grand Winner of MSC Malaysia IPCC 2011. He was also included in the 'Successful People in Malaysia 2020 Encyclopedia' by Britishpedia.

His passion and talent for the arts have also led him to work on several projects for renowned Jackie Chan films such as the Police Story and Donnie Yen’s Ip Man 2, which earned him an invitation to Jackie Chan's 60th birthday party, charity birthday concert, and the 2016 opening of the Jackie Chan Museum. He also takes pride in his involvement in the publishing of Tom & Jerry’s game under Warner Brothers.

Outside of work, Jin Min enjoys exploring the city on his bike and spending time illustrating with watercolors. He is committed to bringing new and fresh ideas to his students, empowering them to unlock new possibilities and advance the growth of Malaysia's creative multimedia arts industry while improving society. His leadership and vision have made him a respected figure in the industry, and his commitment to excellence continues to inspire his colleagues and students alike.

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