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Y.Bhg. Dato’ Chuah Kooi Yong

Y.Bhg. Dato’ Chuah Kooi Yong

Equator College

Mission in Life

Dato’ Chuah had a vision to set up a pre-university college to cater to the more aesthetically minded students. By his establishment of Equator College he has made it possible for all the interested students to study the subjects of their choice. His main objectives to cultivate the creative minds of futures – to train young school leavers to spearhead the nation’s need for a better class of quality driven artistic designers. With the vast experience in the art and design discipline, Dato’Chuah always been far-sighted and having the students’ best interest at heart.

Contributions to Equator College

Equator College has provided scholarships amounting to more than a few millions Ringgit to assist the outstanding, but financially burdened students to pursue relevant courses, and in turn, the students being able to contribute to society.

Dato’ Chuah has invested millions of ringgit to make Equator a better educational institute for the students by equipping it with state-of-the-art facilities and up-to-date curriculum. Moreover, the college is conducted by dedicated and experienced teaching team, comprises both full-time lecturers and industrial professional who work as either part-time lecturers or external examiners.

Equator College has produced competent and highly sought-after employable graduates who able to meet relevant industry needs. Most graduates even performed exceptionally well overseas, by receiving high distinction degrees, first class honours degrees, Masters and Doctorates. All these are proof and recognition given to Equator’s quality of education.

Contributions to the Education Industry

Equator College is one of the most established and renowned art, media, and design college in Malaysia. The college is affiliated with many good universities, being from local such as Taylor’s University and USM, as well as from the foreign countries such as Taiwan, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Parents are spoiled for choice, allowing them to budget and save towards their children’s further study.

For Dato’ Chuah more than 32 years of unrelenting dedication to provide continuing education and services to the art community as he was acknowledged by the Royal Society of Arts U.K. with their fellowship carrying their FRSA title.

Success has never made Dato’ Chuah forget his roots and background. He constantly donates his own salary to charitable organizations to helping others, from raising funds to building a new school wing, to donating substantial amounts of money to help the Tsunami victims. Dato Chuah, representing Equator, constantly supports charity organizations.

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