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Objectives and Benefits

by on January 25, 2015 | SkillsMalaysia INVITE

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An Overview

SkillsMalaysia INVITE is a vocational training programme conducted in Malaysia that has been developed to equip students with comprehensive skills and knowledge that enable them to excel in technical and vocational fields.

The programmes offered under SkillsMalaysia INVITE include the elements of core technical skills, technological knowledge, communication skills, employability skills, and businesses administrative competencies. They prepare graduates for their eventual successful careers in employment as knowledgeable and skilled employees, or as entrepreneurs.

The curriculum incorporates an internship programme (with local industry partners) which offers trainees valuable hands-on experience in their learnt trade area. The internship programmes are accredited, audited and certified by Accredited Training Institutions and government monitoring agency i.e. DSD. The internship programme bridges the gap between the learning environment and "real-life" practice which is critical in preparing students for the workplace.


The main objectives of SkillsMalaysia INVITE are to:

  • create a new dimension of learning skills in the Malaysian Skills Certification System
  • provide skills based training for employment or entrepreneurial skills
  • provide opportunities for trainees to obtain gainful employment as skilled employees or entrepreneurs

Target Group

This programme is designed for international students who are interested in pursuing technical and vocational skills training in Malaysia.


Among the advantages of SkillsMalaysia INVITE include:

  • qualifications obtained are recognised by Malaysian and international certification bodies
  • training is conducted by DSD Accredited Centres with well equipped facilities, and highly skilled and experienced trainers
  • the training curriculum is designed based on the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) which is developed by industrial experts
  • trainees will undertake a structural and systematic industrial attachment at recognised companies in Malaysia
  • SkillsMalaysia INVITE programmes have strong links and a collaborative relationship with industry partners

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