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Your career as an architect begins at IUKL

by StudyMalaysia on November 1, 2016 | Top Stories

Your career as an architect begins at IUKL

The architecture programmes at Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) are recognised for its hands-on approach. Students are exposed to a real working environment that allows them to experience the exploration of materials and the investigation of site and context. The Bachelor of Science (Architectural Studies) offered at IUKL was introduced in 2009. Accredited by Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM/Board of Architects) in 2012, this course is equivalent to LAM Part 1. This bachelor’s degree qualification is your first step towards achieving the Ar title for Professional Architects.

Read our interview with IUKL’s Head of the Architecture programme, Hj Md Pilus Bin Md Noor, who shares with us why you should choose this course, what students can look forward to, and their job prospects. Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) LogoThen get an insider’s viewpoint from second year architectural studies student, Irenee Fah Lih Leng on what to expect from this course.

Find out more about the Bachelor of Science (Architectural Studies) from the Head of Programme, Hj Md Pilus Bin Md Noor

Head of Programme (Architecture)
Academic qualification
Industry experience

: Hj Md Pilus Bin Md. Noor
: Bachelor of Architecture (Newcastle, Australia)
: 8 years

1. Can you give us an overview of this course?

The Bachelor of Science (Architectural Studies) course was introduced in 2009 and was accredited by Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM/Board of Architects) in 2012. This course is equivalent to LAM Part 1. It is the first step towards achieving the Ar title for Professional Architect.

2. Can you tell us what students will typically learn in each academic year?

Students are exposed to relevant skills, and architectural knowledge and foundation that qualify them to fulfil the minimum requirements needed to become an Assistant Architect. In addition, the programme also equips students to various fields in architecture available for the next level of studies.

3. How many contact hours do students usually have in a week? What is the total credit hours for this course?

The contact hours for each subject range from 2-10 hours/week depending on the subject.  As Studio Design is the core subject, its contact hours are 10 hours per week. The total credit hours to complete the course is 122.

4. Can you describe a typical week for a student in this course?

IUKL operates on a 3-semester system which is comprised of 1 short semester (7 weeks) and 2 long semesters (14 weeks). Students are advised to take not more than 3 subjects (7 credit hours) in a short semester and not more than 6 subjects (18-19 credit hours) in a long semester. By following this guide, students have ample time to study and do assignments either in groups or individually. It’s just a matter of good time management.

5. Are there specialisations for this degree? If yes, what are they?

There are no specialisations for this degree. It fully focuses on architecture that aims to prepare students with a flair in architectural design and related relevant skills.

6. How are students assessed? How many exams and assignments would they have in a typical semester?

In principle, students are assessed through course work, tests and exams. Exam is held at the end of every semester. As for the Studio Designs, students’ works are assessed not only by lecturers but also by a panel of external examiners from industry and other institutions.

7. Do students undergo an internship? For how long? Which semester? Does the college assist students in securing an internship?

Students will undergo a 12-week internship once they are in their third year or Semester 7. The university will assist students to secure a place of internship.

8. In your opinion, what type of students would be most suited for this programme?

Students who have artistic skills in art and philosophy would be most suited for this programme. In addition, students who can work independently and as a team would help them to excel with their studies. One of the effective learning concepts is peer learning and tasks that demand lots of interaction.

9. Why should students choose this course from IUKL?

  1. Accredited by Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (Part 1)
  2. Competitive fees
  3. Teaching staff with a wide range of experience and specialisations
  4. Won awards in competition locally & international
  5. Students find employment easily after graduation

10. What is some advice you would give a first-year student?

Commitment and good time management. Never give up!

11. What is the job outlook like for graduates of this course? What are some of the careers graduates can pursue with this degree? Can you give us some examples of industries or companies that have hired your graduates?

  1. Assistant Architect in architectural firms or project management companies.
  2. With a qualification of BSAR (LAM Part 1), students can pursue the Master of Architecture (LAM Part 2) programmed followed by a PhD
  3. With this qualification students can also join big corporations like developers, factories, banks, Oil & Gas Companies, Municipal Councils, Land Office & other government agencies & GLCs.

  Your career as an architect begins at IUKL

Get an insider’s viewpoint from second year architectural studies student, Irenee Fah Lih Leng on what to expect from this course

Name of Student
Current Semester

: Irenee Fan Lih Leng
: Bachelor of Science (Architectural Studies)
: Second Year

1. What do you like best about being an Architectural Studies student?

I get to express myself through designing, specifically designing buildings and structures.

2. What made you decide on this programme? Tell us who or what influenced you most.

I decided to pursue this course because of my deep interest in this field. It is also because my dad works in this field and I want to follow his footsteps.

3. What’s your favourite subject and why?

Design is my favourite subject.  That’s because I get to express my ideas and see them come alive. From designing on paper and to building a model, it gives me tremendous satisfaction.

4. What extracurricular activities do you take part in? Tell us more about what you do.

I have recently joined the Student Representative Council (SRC). I’m learning a lot in terms of communication and I get to meet new people and expand my circle of friends.

5. What’s your best university experience so far?

I joined the Royal Floria Putrajaya 2016 competition where we represented IUKL. Throughout the competition, I learnt a lot of things such as communication, teamwork, giving support to team members and having the spirit to not give up! The competition was tough. We started from scratch but the satisfaction of seeing our completed work was priceless!

6. What has been the most challenging thing you have experienced as a university student?

Time management is a big challenge for me. As an architecture student, I spend a lot of time on projects and studio work. We have tight deadlines to meet and yet we still have to attend classes and so on.

7. What career do you hope to pursue after graduation?

I plan to finish my degree (Part 1) and continue my studies in Master of Architecture (Part 2), so that I will be able to sit for my part 3 examination and become a Professional Architect.

8. What advice would you give someone who is interested in pursuing (name of course)?

Study architecture if you have the passion and the yearning desire to create and innovate.

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